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The Haunted Edges of The Gaming World: Top Four Abandoned Gaming Spaces

The world of gaming has an exceptional amount of information which you have to really dig for. From super niche games to rare game accessories, there is something for everyone looking for secrets of the gaming community. One of the more unexplored areas of mystery in gaming is abandoned arcades and other gaming-related spaces which have gone unused for ages, creating a scene like that of many mystery games themselves. Abandoned places are cool in general, and abandoned gaming spaces are particularly awesome because you never know what old gaming relics you might find inside. Follow along to learn about the top four coolest abandoned gaming spaces. 

The Haunted Edges of The Gaming World: Top Four Abandoned Gaming Spaces 5

Coming in at number four is Spreepark (originally called Kulturpark Plänterwald Berlin), an abandoned amusement park with many arcade elements in Berlin. In its heyday, Spreepark was a very popular amusement park featuring lots of eccentric rides and some interesting arcade games. Eventually, the park went the way of all old things which fade from memory, and the owner left it to become derelict and, let’s be honest, totally awesome. Abandoned amusement parks have a way of enchanting the mind and taking on a certain mystique that exists naturally in places a little bit outside the realm of the ordinary. If you want to get really sucked into the aura of Spreepark, check out the video featured below from the BBC Travel Show with Ade Adepitan to see what has become of Spreepark, and catch a glimpse of what the future has planned for this amazing space. 

Coming in for third place is the Sega arcade discovered in Fukushima. First off, I want to say that Syft does not in any way condone sneaking into dangerous, restricted spaces, at any time in any way. That being said, when urban explorer Bob Thissen snuck into the restricted, nuclear wasteland of Fukushima in 2019 to look into the Sega arcade, which was still covered in many places in radioactive dust, he gave us quite an interesting glimpse into a forgotten world. With photos and information shared with The Sun UK news source, Thissen explored the Sega arcade and revealed to the world a space which has been existing in a time capsule since the nuclear disaster in 2011. The photos Thissen brought back with him show a place which is eerily still in amazing shape, especially considering its location. The games and stations are still mostly recognizable, and if it weren’t for the abandoned air and the threat of radioactive danger, this arcade would be a booming tourist spot. As is, this abandoned Sega arcade is pretty much straight out of a post-apocalyptic video game. 

Haunted gaming space 1
Image courtesy of Caters News Agency

In second place is Toy Loft, the abandoned toy shop and entertainment center in Danielson, Connecticut. This abandoned space used to be a very active toy store and indoor park area, but now it is locked in time, with a host of old toys and entertainment spaces in various stages of natural destruction. The Toy Loft has been abandoned since 2007 and has been explored by many different curious parties, including David Goran, a writer and lover of all things abandoned, who investigated the Toy Loft for The Vintage News and shared a glimpse of this forgotten space. One of the most unsettling and interesting things about the Toy Loft, and abandoned spaces in general, is how everything which is still recognizable looks like items that would still be very popular if they were in working order. 

Haunted 1
Image courtesy of The Vintage News

And in first place is PokePark, the traveling Pokemon-themed park from Japan which was last in operation in 2005. Technically, PokePark is a different type of abandoned than the other places on this list because it didn’t have a permanent home and, therefore, it’s hard to nail down exactly where the pieces of the park might be or even if they are still around. However, footage of the park does exist, so we know that it was all out there at some point, and now, it’s lost to the ages. PokePark was created as a temporary park, so to say that it was abandoned isn’t 100% accurate since it was planned as something that wouldn’t be around forever. But since it was a limited experience and is remembered online through photos and video evidence, it still falls into the category of abandoned, time-lost gaming spaces. The footage which does exist shows an amazing place filled with Pokemon-centered attractions and incredible designs all depicting the Pokemon world. Interest around the PokePark has been picking up again since Nintendo opened the first Super Nintendo World in Japan, with plans to open spaces in Orlando and California in the near future. This expansion from Nintendo into the world of amusement parks gives us hope that another PokePark might be a possibility in the future. 

Pokepark 1
Image courtesy of and the Brian Ashcraft article titled ‘The Real Pokémon Theme Park: A Look Back’

There’s no doubt about it, abandoned spaces are really awesome, and abandoned gaming spaces are even better! These places are so incredible, it feels as though they could actually be a space in a game themselves (particularly PokePark, which was, in many ways, like stepping into the Pokemon world). There are lots of abandoned gaming spaces out there, some of which can be corroborated, and some of which will always remain as unattainable legends. 

I want to reiterate that neither Syft or myself encourage or condone breaking into these abandoned, often very dangerous spaces. If you feel the need to explore abandoned spaces for yourself, keep your exploring to Youtube and the many, many games which include amazing, virtual abandoned spaces. If you are particularly interested in any of these four spaces or you have another favorite abandoned gaming space, please share it in the comments so we can all go exploring through the internet together. 

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