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“The Flash” skin coming to Fortnite

A skin of DC’s hero The Flash is coming to Fortnite, and here is all you need to know. 

The Flash
Courtesy of Epic Games

Players were able to have a chance to unlock the skin by competing in the Flash Cup Event which took place on February 10th. Have no fear: if you did not unlock it in the cup or missed the competition entirely, the skin will most likely end up in the Fortnite store and be available to buy then. All the other superhero skins have ended up in the item shop, so I see no reason why “The Flash” skin would not.

If you did participate in the cup, you’ve already unlocked the skin if you earned enough points to place high enough on the leaderboard. In Europe, 1st-3500th place earned the skin, in the USA East, 1st-1,750th place earned the skin, and in the USA West, 1st-500th place earned the skin.

This is not the first time Fortnite has offered unlockable skins early by competition wins. Way back in season 4, there were a couple Marvel Serious cup competitions where players could also earn skins early by placing high enough in the cup.

I really like the idea of having competitions where you can earn a hype skin early. It gets people’s attention and really makes everyone excited about what’s being offered. I hope Fortnite continues to do this more often in the future for upcoming skins.

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