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What I’ve Heard About Call of Duty: World War 3

The first leaks from the next Call of Duty game are starting to come out, so let me break down what I know so far for you. A disclaimer: this leak seems especially up in the air compared to some other leaks I have written about. Of course leaks are never confirmed true, but this WW3 leak has people wondering if it is true.

Call of Duty
Image courtesy of Forbes

From what I have heard, the campaign in Cold War was originally created by Sledgehammer games, but, apparently, there are rumors of Sledgehammer and the developers not getting along, so Sledgehammer was kicked off of the project. Again this is not confirmed true, just the rumor going around the CoD world. Now people think that since Sledgehammer did not make the last game, they will make the next game, and since their last game was called Call of Duty World War 2, it would make sense that their next game is rumored to be World War 3.

From what I have read, World War 3 will be a futuristic game that adds to the timeline of the series. This is good for fans of CoD, as any addition to the massive storyline will make fans happy. At the same time, there are also rumors that the next game will be a continuation of the 2019 Modern Warfare series, with Modern Warfare 2 being the upcoming game in the series.

So obviously there is a lot of news and people are not quite sure what to believe. If I had to guess based on all the research I did, I would expect WW3 to be the next game in the series and then a remake of Modern Warfare 2 to come out the year after that. To be honest with you all, only time will tell. I will be on the internet looking for any more information that comes out in the next months and will keep you all updated. Hold tight fam.

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