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The First Diablo News from Blizzcon

As Blizzcon starts off it’s weekend event of news and announcements, the con’s opening ceremonies included updates on the gaming giant’s major titles, including the Diablo franchise.

Image Courtesy of Blizzard

Among the more exciting announcements, Blizzard will be officially re-releasing their iconic game from 2000, Diablo II. The remastered version will be available for both PC and on consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, with re-created cinematics intended to capture the look and feel of the original while updating the graphics for the year 2021. A remastered version of the game will also be available maintaining the original 2D, following the precedent set by their release of the original Starcraft.

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Image Courtesy of Blizzard/Diablo

Other exhilarating info dropped in the con’s opening announcements is regarding the highly anticipated Diablo IV. Particularly, it has been made official that the latest installment will feature the return of a beloved character class from the original 1996 Diablo: The Rogue. Although the sisterhood to which the classic Rogue belonged has played a large part in the plot of the sequel games, with Rogues making appearances as NPCs, they haven’t been an available character class since the first installment. This makes the new version official characters available in the new game to include: the Sorceress, the Barbarian, and the Druid, along with the aforementioned Rogue. 

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Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

These other three character classes were all first introduced in Diablo II, with the Barbarian being the only class that was also available in Diablo III. Although there was the option to play the Wizard class as a female in Diablo III, there wasn’t the option to play as the Sorceress in the game’s third installment. 

Throughout the rest of Blizzcon’s Diablo programming, further details and more news are sure to be shared with eager Diablo fans, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated as it does. 

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