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The Details On Apple’s First VR Headset

Apple has been working on VR and AR headsets for some time, but rarely has a design been stuck with. This headset, named N301, is a prototype the company had to redesign a few times, mainly because the first few models were too heavy or big for your face. To fix this, Apple made the outside of the headset with fabric, which eliminates two of the prototype’s biggest hassles. 

Apple VR 1
Courtesy of Shack News

On the tech side, Apple is pulling out all the stops. It’s including fans, AR and VR cams capable of hand-tracking, and features microchips that are reportedly better than many of its Macbooks. Don’t expect a cheap price tag similar to the Oculus Quest 2.

VR Headset 1
Courtesy of Ibbonline

This headset is going to be just as expensive as it is rare, with reports stating that Apple is only planning on selling one headset, per day, per store. If you combine that up with the number of stores Apple has open, you’re looking at around 200,000 units being sold per year. If the PS5 shortage taught us anything, it’s that online scalpers are going to grab this and mark up the price to the moon. 


It’s going to be interesting to see what content is put on Apple’s first VR headset. Aside from video games, there really isn’t much currently out there for VR users. Yes, the photos and videos are definitely fun, but it loses it’s pizzazz after a while since we can’t really interact with it. Apple is definitely the right company to push VR forward, and this headset is going to set standards that many in the industry are going to try and emulate.  However, with its niche intentional goals and the hefty price tag it’s sure to be released with, I don’t see this VR headset getting huge traction in the esports industry.

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