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The Common Denominator Of Success For Gaming Montages

The Common Denominator Of Success For Gaming Montages

Gaming has gone mainstream today. There are an estimated 2.8 billion gamers in the world and the gaming industry is booming – even in the pandemic. The gaming industry’s immense popularity is reflected in the content viewed on YouTube, which with a 44 percent viewer reach, is one of the biggest global outlets for gaming videos. 

The gaming world has given birth to its own set of gaming influencers, as any other industry has. Famous YouTube gamers are able to use social media as a tool to monetize their gameplay skills and persona to earn an income. Until recently, gaming montages were something of a best-kept secret used by professional gamers to reach out to massive Internet audiences. They’re essentially videos with fast-paced gameplay clips which have now become increasingly common. 

For some individuals though, the purpose of gaming videos can be a bit puzzling. Why would anyone spend time watching someone playing a gamer, instead of playing the game themselves? The growth of gaming content on social media platforms and statistics have confirmed that gaming isn’t a spectator sport anymore. It isn’t just something you can do, it’s also something you can watch. Keep in mind that 48% of YouTube gamers have revealed they spend more time watching gaming videos on YouTube than actually playing games. That’s a lot!

There is no definition of a great video game montage, but there are some factors all successful montages have in common. Famous YouTube gamers such as PewDiePie, JuegaGerman, FaZe Clan, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins among others make use of gaming montages to show off their skills as professional gamers. They keep fans entertained with gaming tips, tricks, and walkthrough tutorials, and use these videos to grow their audience. If you’re an aspiring Gaming YouTuber or just want to create the best video game montages, there are some things you should know before getting started.

Common Denominators Of Success In Video Game Montages:

#1 Gaming Montages Should Contain The Right Amount Of Gameplay Footage

While there’s no specific game that players select for montage videos, you should look into which games work best when recorded for creating streams and montages. For instance: League of Legends was the most-watched game category on Twitch in 2019, and this year, it’s Grand Theft Auto V. A combined 40 million hours of the online game were watched on Twitch in a single week in June 2021 alone.

After you have decided on a game for your montage, it’s time to capture the right amount of gameplay footage. Ask yourself: will these video sequences help viewers in any way? Does this montage have enough gameplay skills to inspire others? Is your walkthrough interesting enough? Content is king – and once you’re certain your video has enough to keep fans going, you can move onto the next step.

#2 Gaming Montages Should Be Trimmed And Edited To Perfection

Famous YouTube gamers ensure that their gaming montages are well organized. They want viewers to interact with these videos, and hopefully learn some sort of lesson from it, whether it is the game’s rules, the plot, or its objective. Most gamers look through their footage and sort out the best gameplay clips they have. They trim out the dull, repetitive, and uninteresting bits until their reel only features the most worthy clips which represent their skills as a gamer. Editing can be a big or small task depending on how much time you invest in it. Most YouTube gaming influencers edit their videos on their own while others hire professional editors to assist them.

Editing gaming montages is by no means an easy task. YouTuber Faze Flea’s two-minute-long Fortnite Unique montage video took him approximately 50 hours to make and earned him just $2,380 in revenue. The income generated continues to rise as gamers explore multiple ways to engage with subscribers. Editing can take gamers anywhere from an hour to days – depending on the level of authenticity and organization you’re aiming for. 

#3 Gaming Montages Should Feature Fitting Music

Gaming Montages

The power of music in gaming montages is significant. Most top players add music to their videos which correlates with the type of the gaming video – walkthroughs, parody, gaming reviews, live streams among others. There are hundreds of genres to choose from, but dubstep and EDM tracks in particular are very versatile when it comes to editing.

Your video can be fast-paced with several things happening at a time or slow, with soothing background music to keep viewers hooked. Adding music to a gaming montage is a classic way to grab a viewer’s attention and distinguish the video from the others that exist. Music has the power to express a gamer’s aesthetic and persona through the video, and as long as it matches the on-screen action, it will add to the viewing experience unlike anything else. 

#4 Gaming Montages Should Have A Cinematic Touch To Them

Gaming montages truly combine filmmaking and editing, blurring the line between gaming and films. Though they are both two different mediums, the barrier between them is dwindling and video games today are replicating the life-like brilliance and cinematic experience only seen in films. The standards of graphics are rising as is the storytelling in games, and this change is represented in successful gaming montages.

No matter the style, whether it’s a comedic walkthrough or an important gaming hack, the montage must feature a cinematic touch. Most video games today have stellar, life-like graphics and top-tier writing, which make gamers feel as if they’re living inside an interactive movie. If you can deliver the same experience through your gaming montage, there’s no doubt it will be a success!

If you’re a budding gamer who is looking out to make these gaming montages, keeping these tips in mind would be significant in helping increase your video views!

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