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The Borderlands Movie Will Star Kevin Hart

The critically acclaimed space western action video game series Borderlands is one of the best-selling franchises in gaming history. Given the sheer size of the fan base loyal to the series, it seems reasonable that Hollywood would want to transfer the game’s level of success to the big screen. Lionsgate is at the helm of developing the Borderlands movie and was able to recruit big names to the production team.

Courtesy of FerenComm

Last year it was announced that horror filmmaker Eli Roth (Cabin Fever and Hostel) would be in charge of directing the movie and that Cate Blanchett was to be casted as the Vault Hunter named Lilith the Siren. The story of Borderlands centers around a team of Vault Hunters who fight the local bandits and wildlife on the distant planet of Pandora while trying to find a vault containing advanced alien technology. The film will most likely take the most inspiration from the first installment in the game franchise.

So at this point you’re probably wondering: this sounds great, but how does Kevin Hart fit into all of this? Rumors began circulating in December 2020 that Eli Roth was seeking out Hart for a role in the movie. Forums were theorizing that he was being casted as Claptrap, given Hart’s overenthusiastic personality and height, which is a focus of most of his self-deprecating jokes. But no. When Hart was confirmed as being a part of the cast it came as a shock that he would be standing alongside Cate Blanchett and also portraying a Vault Hunter.

Roland the Soldier
Courtesy of Gearbox Software

That’s right. Kevin Hart will be starring as Roland the Soldier, a highly-trained bad ass fighter and fan-favorite from the game. This is a role tangential to anything Hart has ever been involved with. He won’t be able to use his usual comedic tricks and character quirks for Roland. Eli Roth must see something in Hart which makes this casting choice something more than having a superstar name signed on for box office appeal. 

Cate Blanchett and Kevin Hart are the only two announced for the cast so far and filming is set to begin in Budapest, Hungary very soon. It’s only a matter of time for the remaining members of the ensemble cast gets announced. One thing Hart continues to prove time and time again is that he is able to develop great chemistry with any person he stars alongside. Once the other stars get announced, the scattered puzzle pieces Lionsgate has provided may start to come together nicely.

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