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The Best Game For You Based On Your Dream City

If you’re still in search of that next great game to play, and you happen to be a travel buff, or you’re someone who has always dreamed of living in a specific city, this article is the perfect place for you. Today, we’ll be exploring what the best game is for you, based on your dream city to live in or visit. Whether Paris, France is the No. 1 goal in your passport, or you dream of making it to Ottawa, Canada some day, there will be a place and a game on this list for you. 

Game Based on City 1
The Best Game For You Based On Your Dream City 7

If you dream of making it to Paris, then Ratatouille from Heavy Iron Studios is the game for you. As someone who has never been to Paris, but who dreams of going there someday, both the film and the game of Ratatouille give me major heartache for a romanticized version of Paris. Sure, we all know that when we make it to Paris, we won’t end up in a restaurant where a rat is the chef, but that doesn’t take away from the magic of this game. If you want to step into a true fantasy world to fantasize about your eventual adventures in Paris, this game should be at the top of your list. 

City Cat 1
Courtesy of Heavy Iron Studios

For those of you who have been planning your dream journey to Ottawa, Death Road To Canada from Rocketcat Games will be perfect for you. To be fair, you won’t encounter the dangers of this game on your own journey to Canada, but this game will prepare you for anything that could happen on a road trip. If you’re hoping to take the journey to Canada, and you want to make sure you’re ready for anything, this game will be a delightful way to work out any pre-trip jitters you might have, and get you ready to hit the road. 

City Canada 1
Courtesy of Rocketcat Games

If Bogota, Colombia is more your speed, then Gold and Glory: The Road to El Dorado from Revolution Software is the game for you. This game is quite dated, but if you’re looking for a game that will take you back to your childhood, and prepare you for the sites of the Museo del Oro (also known as the Gold Museum) in Bogota, this game will be the perfect pre-travel adventure for you. This game is just as rambunctious as the movie that shares the name. It’s certainly wildly inaccurate, but it will put you in the mood for a delightful adventure.

City Dorado 1
Courtesy of Revolution Software

For the London, England lovers out there, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments from Frogwares will give you your British fix. If you’re like me, when you dream of London, you conjure up images of cups of tea, cozy armchairs and a comfort in the bustle of the city. Sherlock Holmes brings you all of this, and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments is an excellent addition to the world of Sherlock Holmes gaming. Truly, you can’t go wrong with any of the Sherlock games if you’re looking to step into London, but Crimes & Punishments is a great place to start. 

City Holmes 1
Courtesy of Frogwares

And if Copenhagen, Denmark is in the top spot on your list of dream destinations, then hygge is definitely a concept you’re aware of and absolutely infatuated with. If you dream of cozy days bundled up in Copenhagen, then Firewatch from Campo Santo is the game for you. Yes, it’s an adventure game with some rather intense emotional elements, but the visuals are some of the most stunning to ever grace the video game scene. This game will give you all of the cozy feels, and it will make you want to both spend all your time curled up inside and go out adventuring in a beautiful landscape, and that’s absolutely ideal for your Copenhagen dream vacation. 

City Firewatch 1
Courtesy of Campo Santo

Whatever you dream city may be, there’s a game out there for you. As you adventure, both in games and across the world, you’ll find what you love best. Whether it’s from this list or not, if you play games that remind you of where you would most like to be, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

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