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The Best Game Based On Your Favorite Type Of Snack

Snacking and gaming are two activities made to be done together. There’s nothing better than sitting down with a bowl, bag, or plate of your favorite snack and getting in a few solid hours of gaming. There are some snacks that pair better with gaming (crunchy stuff that doesn’t make a mess of your space), and then there are the snacks you love so much, you just don’t mind if they’re messy. Whatever your favorite snack, there’s a game which is a perfect complement, and hopefully by the end of this article, you’ve found your game-snack soulmate pairing. 

The Best Game Based On Your Favorite Type Of Snack
The Best Game Based On Your Favorite Type Of Snack 8

All About Chips & Dip

If you enjoy popping open a bag of chips and enjoying some delightful flavor mixtures with chips and dip, the adventure of Spelunky or Spelunky 2 (both from Mossmouth) will be right up your alley. Both games are delightfully difficult and will give you many obstacles to overcome as you work your way through the levels. In the same way chips and dip are both excitingly delicious and comfortingly familiar, Spelunky and Spelunky 2 will remind you of the games of your childhood while giving you new adventures to work through. 

Courtesy of Nintendo

Screaming For Ice Cream

For those of you who love to get lost in a pint of ice cream (no judgement, I’m a sucker for Mediterranean Mint from Talenti) you’ll find that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout from Mediatonic suits you perfectly. Fall Guys is the perfect combination of sweet and cheerful, as well as pleasantly shocking. While the design and concept of this game are charming, the different levels can be quite a shock to the senses. If you enjoy the sweet and invigorating treat of ice cream, Fall Guys is the game for you.

Courtesy of Mediatonic

Vegging Out (With Fruits & Veggies)

If you lean towards the health-conscious option of fruits and veggies, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from the world of Nintendo will give you a healthy kick of adrenaline as you play a high-energy game with your friends. In the same way health and exercise are often best when paired with company, the communal nature of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate makes it a rollicking good time. Get your heart rate up, have a great time with friends, and mix this gem from Nintendo with your favorite healthy snacks.

Courtesy of Nintendo

Living The Microwavable Life

If you love to toss a Hot Pocket or some pizza rolls into the microwave for a quick and easy meal, Stardew Valley from Eric Barone is the comforting-yet-exciting game for you. Stardew Valley is the game equivalent of retiring to the country to enjoy the quiet life. You can work on your farm and enjoy life around town, and you never have to worry about anything in the game being too much because you have complete control. To enjoy the comforting familiarity of a microwavable meal in a game, Stardew Valley is perfect. 

Courtesy of PlayStation

Managing A Sweet Tooth

If you just can’t help yourself when it comes to candies, Part Time UFO from HAL Laboratory is the perfect game for you. Short, sweet, and utterly adorable, Part Time UFO has you playing as a little UFO working through small tasks around a town. The directives of the game are easy to grasp and the quirky soundtrack and adorably old school design makes this one the sweetest games of all time. If you’re looking for a game you can play while you happily snack on some M&M’s or gummies, Part Time UFO will fit the bill. 

Courtesy of Nintendo

Freezin’ For A Reason

And, if you find yourself reaching for a helping of frozen berries whenever you feel like having a snack, Assemble With Care from Ustwo Games will be a refreshing treat. This game has you play as Maria, a repairer of antique items. As you play through Maria’s story, you’ll go on an adventure through repairing items, helping to heal and *repair* the people in Maria’s town. Assemble With Care is comforting and charming, but also quite refreshing in the way it approaches humanity and the way we care for each other. If you enjoy a sweet and exciting frozen treat, this is a great game for you. 

Courtesy of Ustwo Games

You really can’t go wrong with snacking and gaming. Any of the games on this list will make excellent additions to your gaming collection, but if you try out the game that pairs best with your favorite snack, you’ll be in for an especially delightful experience. 

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