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The Advantages of Being A Noob

If you have been reading my articles for a little while now and have come to the opinion that I am a little bit of a noob when it comes to video games, you would be right. Although I may be a bit of a noob, my terrible play actually comes with its advantages.

Courtesy of Pockygallery, 123RF

Let me explain:

I rage less than the average player

Because I am not great at video games, I simply care less about losing than other players. Of course I love winning and doing well in games, but since it happens so rarely, I don’t expect it to happen and don’t put too much anticipation on myself. I find that I all-around enjoy the experience of playing video games more than others because I just don’t get mad.

Less pressure

Being a noob also comes with the added benefit of having less pressure put on you than the average player. It’s great: no one expects me to perform and no one gets that mad at me when I mess up or don’t know what I am doing. Although admittedly I am 100% the reason my squad dies in Warzone, I never get blamed that much because my friends know that I’m just not great at the game.

When I do perform, everyone is psyched

Being a noob also makes it so when I do have a clutch play or go off and mess up an enemy team, my boys are hyped. Since it doesn’t happen that often, every great play I make looks even better in the eyes of my teammates.

Of course, this is just a look at one side of the day in the life of a noob. It isn’t always fun, and of course, sometimes when I blow a play or ruin a game for my teammates I wish I wasn’t such a sucky player. But when that happens, I just remember all the advantages it comes with and I feel a tiny bit better.

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