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Thank You FlyQuest: #MeQuest

Frozen in time… or rather, stuck in solitude and nothingness in an isolated bubble. No one to talk to, nowhere to call home. The chills of winter consume my entire body and surroundings, yet I feel nothing. In the sickest of fates and the universe’s cruel sense of irony,my insides are frostbitten with loneliness, confusion, and pain. The person who inhabits this empty vessel has become numb to the pain of depression, anxiety, and stress, for its effects no longer pierce the soul.

– inside the mind of an individual with deteriorated mental health

Courtesy of ADDitude


Hardly. In fact, that is reality.

A common feeling that accompanies poor mental health is that of being trapped in an unbearable situation. Psychological and emotional well-being certainly varies from person to person, but maintaining one’s mental health is a daily process—a necessity.

Ensuring one’s responsibilities as a functional human-being are taken care of while maintaining one’s mental health can be challenging to say the least. To make matters even more difficult, COVID-19 plunged the whole world into insanity, and we’re all feeling that stress in different ways.

Many have struggled to maintain strong mental health during the midst of a global pandemic and worldwide quarantines. While the recent introduction of the coronavirus vaccine is certainly a long-awaited dose of hope, we are not quite free from COVID’s clutches just yet.

With that being said, I’d like to take the time to commend the good folks over at esports organization FlyQuest and ‘Boy Genius’ Voyboy himself for their #MeQuest initiative to help improve our mental health.

Thank You FlyQuest: #MeQuest 4

For those unfamiliar with #MeQuest, here’s a quick breakdown:

MeQuest was created as a response to the COVID challenges we all faced when trying to maintain strong mental health. The initiative is a weekly action plan designed to help rebuild healthy habits and rededicate ourselves to our own mental well-beings organized into seven wellness categories: Comfort, Gratitude, Hobby, Mental, Organization, People, and Physical. The idea is for all participants to complete one task within three separate categories a week (so, three per week) and update FlyQuest on their weekly Friday tweet using the hashtag #MeQuest.

For reference, this article itself is the Gratitude portion of my MeQuest for this week.

To learn more about this incredible initiative, click here!

To FlyQuest,

First off, thank you for breaking the mold for what an esports team looks like and can accomplish. Your continued efforts to Showcase the Greatness within everyone does not go unnoticed. MeQuest is only one shining example.

Last year’s #GoGreen initiative was a brilliant series of quests to support the planet’s ecosystems. Planting trees with TreeQuest and preserving coral reefs with SeaQuest are all commendable acts of effecting change for our planet. I have no doubt that this year’s BeeQuest to save bees from extinction will be another sweet success (pun shamelessly and so very much intended.)

Additionally, your CEO’s “Just Happy” video series wonderfully spreads the positive vibes further dispersed through the community via MeQuest.

A team for the people AND the environment—you’re the real MVP’s!

Courtesy of FlyQuest

In closing, I’m particularly fond of MeQuest because it embodies the mental health, discipline, and responsibility balance I strive to maintain. It’s very easy to lose your way and disrupt this balance at any given moment, COVID or no COVID. It’s tough, but everyday is a new opportunity to #ShowcaseGreatness!

I look forward to the personal growth throughout MeQuest and beyond. Thank you FlyQuest and VoyBoy for inspiring me and many others.

Go follow Flyquest on Twitter to let them know how your MeQuest is going and see all of the other awesome events and initiatives they have going on.

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