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TenZ Steps Down from Competitive VALORANT to Become Content Creator

Cloud9 announced Tuesday via video that Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is stepping down from playing competitive VALORANT as a member of C9’s VALORANT Blue squad to focus on content creation.

TenZ C9 2
Courtesy of One Esports

TenZ has had a long career both in the CS:GO and VALORANT scenes. As a CS:GO player, he played for C9 for multiple years before stepping down to focus on streaming. 

When VALORANT was first released, TenZ retired entirely from CS:GO to pursue the Riot FPS. TenZ immediately jumped to the Radiant rank. 

From there, he joined C9 and dominated the competition, despite the organization itself struggling in the scene. C9 did not qualify for First Strike and have struggled in major competitions.

In the video, TenZ said that stepping down from the roster was a personal choice saying, “I’m really excited to see what this game holds in the competitive scene. I know Riot will continue to support it and the fans will continue to support it.”

He also acknowledged that he could reconsider his plans following the COVID-19 pandemic and thanked fans of the organization for supporting him throughout the time he was a competitive player.

Cloud9 will have major shoes to fill following TenZ’s departure. The team will need to find a new voice to join C9’s VALORANT Blue. As of Tuesday night, there have been no formal signings to the organization.

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