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TenZ Goes Off, Sentinels Defeat Luminosity to Advance in Valorant Masters

There was a lot of unknown heading into Sentinels vs. Luminosity Gaming matchup in the Valorant Masters tournament. Sentinels was competing with former Cloud9 superstar Tyson “TenZ” Ngo with barely a day’s worth of practice, and LG was in prime position to take advantage of the chaotic situation. But the TenZ diff proved to be too strong, and Sentinels walked away with the 2-1 win.

Sentinals over LG Val 1 1
Courtesy of Valorant Champions Tour NA

After stepping down from the Cloud9 competitive roster in December to pursue content creation, TenZ put away the sky blue and donned Sentinels red to compete in the Valorant Masters tournament. While some thought TenZ would be off form, having not competed in a major event since December, and the team would look uncoordinated, these doubts were quickly shut down just a handful of rounds into the series. 

The TenZ Diff

Sentinals over LG Val 2 1
Courtesy of HLTV

TenZ was simply the best player on the server at any given moment, what more is there to say? The 19-year-old was feeling himself, playing incredibly aggressive and backing up the aggression with pure gun skill. 

Toward the end of Icebox, they weren’t even dueling anymore, TenZ was just running straight into Luminosity, clearing out space and cutting through them like a raid boss. His aggression bought so much space and map control, which his teammates used to make aggressive plays of their own. 

Valorant fans have always known TenZ to be a top player worldwide, but the seamless facilitation of TenZ by his new teammates was something that we didn’t get to see with Cloud9.

Unexpected Coordination 

There were many critics who thought that with only a day’s worth of practice, Sentinels would look uncoordinated with TenZ, and that the team would struggle its way through the bracket. However, the coordination coming out from this Sentinels roster was impressive for a team with such little experience together. 

Sentinels was matching TenZ’s aggression with aggression of their own. They were playing a contact style of Valorant, forcing as many duels as possible, knowing they would win most of them. The gun battles bought Sentinels map control, which they used to win the information battle against LG. 

It was a win that came off forcing duels, and exercising the skill diff, but seeing TenZ slot in so naturally with Sentinels is hyping up fans for the young player’s future. 

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