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Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.23: What’s been revealed?

Teamfight Tactics receives regular updates, making it is a living game. In every new patch, Riot attempts to balance the game and its current environment. The newest patch, Patch 10.23, saw some champions nerfed, including Ahri, Talon and Warwick, while Xin Zhao and Aphelios face renewals. In addition, K/DA Little Legends will be added to the store.

Teamfight Tactics
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Changes to the Champions


Aphelios has been a headache for a long time in the current meta. His synergy with Rageblade and Statikk Shiv made him an unstoppable carry both in the early and the late game. Riot aims to alter his default playstyle and make him useful with several item sets:

  • Aphelios’s turrets will no longer grant him mana or trigger on-attack effects (e.g., Rageblade, Statikk Shiv, Runaan’s Hurricane), but will continue to trigger on-hit effects.
  • Aphelios’s Starting and Total Mana have been changed: 90/180 → 40/80.
  • Aphelios’s Attack Speed has been increased: 0.7 → 0.75

Xin Zhao

As mentioned above, Riot feels no hesitation when it comes to changing the nature of the game, and this can be seen with Xin Zhao. The Warlord comp is about to change in 10.23.

  • Crescent Guard, Xin Zhao’s ability, has been reworked: Xin Zhao sweeps around him, dealing 300/325/350% of his Attack Damage to nearby enemies and gaining 50/60/75 Armor and Magic Resist for the rest of combat.
  • Xin Zhao now has a normal Spellcast Mana lock instead of having to wait until there are no Challenged units.
  • Xin Zhao’s mana has been amplified: Starting/Total Mana 0/30 → 40/80


Ahri is among the strongest carries in TFT. If you have the right items alongside the pieces that complete the puzzle, there isn’t a composition that Ahri can’t destroy. As seen in the patch notes, Riot is willing to switch this situation. 

  • Ahri’s Spirit Bomb is now an actual channel that can be interrupted (ie: stun, GA) causing Ahri to release her orb early and reducing the size of the impact area.
  • Spirit Bomb’s damage has been raised: 475/675/3000 → 500/700/3000


If you are a fan of assassins, Talon was the only playable character in recent meta. I don’t think these alterations will change that fact, but it might push the players to redesign their item builds on Talon.

  • Talon’s Kill Reset Targeting has been altered: Highest Damage Dealt → Lowest Armor
  • Talon increased his leap time after getting a successful kill.

There are also five brand new Little Legends, including K/DA All Out, that are coming to TFT later this week.


teamfight tactics
Photo courtesy of Riot Games


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Photo courtesy of Riot Games


Photo courtesy of Riot Games


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Photo courtesy of Riot Games


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Photo courtesy of Riot Games

You can check all the changes that will come with 10.23 from here.

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