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Team WE Pushing Limits In The 2021 LPL Season

Team WE has been an underdog ever since the LPL started except the 2017 season when it represented China in Worlds and MSI. Fans lost their hopes, but the team had no intention of giving up. The 2021 season looks promising for Team WE as it is on top of the league with EDward Gaming without a loss.

Team WE LPL 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

So, what happened to Team WE? It didn’t sign superstar players like EDward Gaming did, but it is still competing at the highest level. I will be taking WE’s 2020 Summer Split performance as a reference and talk about the biggest changes.

2021 Roster Moves

  • Morgan Out – Breathe In
  • Teacherma Out – Shanks In

Last year, it had Morgan battling against the best top laners in China. I am not saying Morgan underperformed or anything, but he was clearly not the best option for Team WE. In the 2020 Summer Split, Morgan showed some decent Renekton performances, but it was still not enough for WE. He had some problems spreading his lead through the Rift.

This year, Breathe is showing unexpected performances with champions like Gangplank and Camille. He picked Gangplank three times and won all of them. He literally mastered the champion’s mechanics and knows its limits, which is a huge advantage for the team.

The real problem in the 2020 Summer Split was Teacherma’s champion pool. The Chinese mid lane was Team WE’s biggest disadvantage in the draft phase since all the opponents could guess the picks even if the team tried to flex the champions. Teacherma played a total of 11 Galio games, which was his main and almost only champion except Twisted Fate. WE had to pick the rest of the team according to these champions for most of the time. I agree that both are strong picks, but it is always better to have more in your arsenal. It is possible to say WE has leveled up with Shanks.

Team WE 3
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Lastly, the other three parts are showing incredible performances. I never turned my back on beishang’s potential, and this year, he is showing what he is capable of. The bot-lane duo of Jiumeng and Missing is also pretty confident. I am so curious to see if they mess up at some point in the upcoming weeks, because if they keep this chemistry and performance, we may see them representing China in the upcoming international tournaments.

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