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Team WE Dominates eStar, Grabs Second Win In 3 Days

Team WE showed a great performance against FunPlus Phoenix two days ago, giving positive signals for the remaining weeks of the season. Now, the team managed to beat LPL’s low-tier team eStar without dropping a game. eStar could only grab two wins and eight matches before showing up against Team WE and now it’s sitting in the 15th spot.

Team WE
Team WE Dominates eStar, Grabs Second Win In 3 Days 2

Game 1

H4cker used Udyr’s early-game speed and made an early visit to top lane, which granted zs a first blood. H4cker’s early-game aggression had eStar securing two drakes. Team WE focused on winning team fights in order to get the snowball effect for Kai’Sa and Azir. WE found great fights for their comp and sat on the driver seat as well as increasing the gold gap. After securing the Baron buff, WE had no trouble closing out the game in 29 minutes. Jiumeng’s fabulous Kai’Sa grabbed nine kills and six assists in total.

Game 2

H4cker’s  early-game aggression was on point once again as he grabbed the first blood in the bottom lane. However, with Shanks’ contribution, WE grabbed three kills and got ahead from the early skirmish. eStar’s couldn’t use its Twisted Fate pick and was playing 4v5 while having no side lane pressure. Rat tried to carry his team on his shoulders, but WE players didn’t allow that scenario. Team WE didn’t rush and played a textbook late game, and with Shanks’ leadership, the team won the game in 38 minutes, reaching seven wins in LPL.

Team WE is now right behind Royal Never Give Up, FunPlus Phoenix and EDward Gaming with seven wins. The team showed solid performances in the last two days and aiming to challenge the undefeated leaded EDward Gaming in the upcoming weeks.

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