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Team WE Defeats FunPlus Phoenix to Start Off LPL Spring’s Second Half

FunPlus Phoenix’s worldstar jungler Tian decided to take a break from competitive play due to health issues, and today, he got back on the Rift against Team WE. FPX couldn’t show its strength against its opponent and got 2-0’d on the first day of LPL Spring Split’s second half.

FPX over WE 1
Photo courtesy of LPL

Game 1

Doinb made his “known unusual” pick Rumble against Shanks’ Cassiopeia. Tian tried to put some pressure on beishang in the jungle but was unable to do it. Both teams were calm during the laning phase and first blood was secured by Team WE in the ninth minute. Crisp made a huge mistake during the Herald fight and Missing punished his misplay. FPX managed to find good fights which got them ahead for a while, but Team WE used its Udyr pick efficiently. WE secured Baron buff and demolished FPX in team fights. Shanks and his friends managed to close out the first game in 31 minutes.

Game 2

We were used to seeing Tristana mids in the competitive scene, but today, Jiumeng played it in the bottom lane. On the other hand, FPX relied on Nuguri and picked Lucian for top. Doinb started the game like a monster and collected two kills in five minutes. Even though FPX made a great start, Team WE secured drakes and got Breathe ahead of Nuguri. The second match’s macro decisions were so high level as FPX secured the Baron buff without WE notice. It was still not enough for the team. WE’s draft got stronger as the minutes passed and team fights were literally one-sided. Team WE had no trouble demolishing all the towers and inhibitors. FPX’s Nexus could only last for 37 minutes.

Team WE made a great start to the season but failed to continue it as the weeks passed. Today, its win against FPX means so much since it won against the closest follower of the lead, EDward Gaming.

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