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Team Vitality Picks Up Crownshot for the AD Carry Position

Although it’s been only three weeks in LEC’s 2021 Spring Season, roster changes have already started to be made. Announced on Feb. 9, Team Vitality added Juš “Crownshot” Marušič to the roster. The Slovene player will start in the AD carry position on Friday.

Vitality Crownshot 1
Photo courtesy of Team Vitality

“We are adding Crownshot to our LEC team, effective immediately. We felt a strong voice was needed to lead our team on the Rift and found in Crownshot a good match. He will start in the AD carry position on Friday,” Team Vitality said on Twitter.

After this addition, Vitality’s rookie AD carry Markos “Comp” Stamkopoulos will remain as a part of the team, but has been moved to the bench. The organization emphasized that it has no doubt about his potential and that he can take the starting position in the future again.

Team Vitality followed Astralis’ footsteps as they created a roster which consists of mostly rookie players in the offseason. However, the lack of experience led them to take consecutive losses in the first three weeks. Vitality has only one victory in seven matches, which it took against Misfits Gaming, and the team hopes to change the course of events with Crownshot’s arrival.

Crownshot is considered as one of the best AD carries in Europe. The 22-year-old player has been playing in LEC for nearly two years, and he demonstrated himself in SK Gaming last year. However, the Slovene AD carry couldn’t find a new home after his contract expired with SK Gaming in the offseason. In January 2021, Crownshot joined South Korea-based esports organization Gen.G as a streamer, but he decided to leave his position in Gen.G to play in LEC.

Crownshot will make his debut with his new team against Excel Esports on Feb. 12.

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