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What to Expect from Team Vitality in LEC 2021 Summer Split

Team Vitality was the most unsuccessful team of the LEC 2021 Spring Split. The French organization won five and lost 10 games, ending the split in last place. We will be watching a whole new Team Vitality in the next split. According to the announcement, Vitality changed all its players except Labrov and Crownshot. SLT, Selfmade and Lider will be the new members of the organization.

Courtesy of Team Vitality

Comp was the marksman of the team in the first weeks of the split, but then Crownshot joined the organization to make it to the playoff stage; however, Crownshot couldn’t carry his team to the upper stages and Vitality’s Spring Split was a total disaster. The team won only one game with Comp and three with Crownshot. So, it was only a minor upgrade. We have been waiting for a roster change from the management, and the latest news is actually huge. Let’s have a look at Vitality’s transfers and general roster quality as announced.

Courtesy of BIG

Let’s start from the upper side of the Rift. SLT, a.k.a. SALUT A TOUS, is a French top laner who recently played for BIG in EU Masters. As a France-based organization, Team Vitality always had a French player on its roster, and next split, it will be SLT. SLT was one of the hottest prospects of the EU Masters talent pool. After showing great individual performances for GameWard, he joined German team BIG.

He won the PRM Pro Division 2021 Spring by beating Mousesports in the final stage, which was huge considering Mouse’s roster quality; however, BIG couldn’t repeat the particular achievement and got eliminated by mousesports in EU Masters. SLT is known with “lane bully” champions such as Renekton and Jayce but has a great win record with Gnar and Gragas. Well, this will probably change considering the talent level between LEC and minor EU regions. He probably won’t beat other top laners in LEC with these champions.

Courtesy or Riot Games

Team Vitality decided to get Selfmade from Fnatic, which is a huge upgrade for the French organization. Selfmade is a great jungler with both mechanics and game knowledge, and Vitality will benefit from it for sure. He has been criticized because of his attitude sometimes, but with Team Vitality, he will play with one of his closest friends, Lider. Selfmade-Lider looks like a top-tier mid-jungle duo on paper. They never played together on stage, but their aggressive play style makes it look like they will be a great duo in the big scene.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Lider, the talented mid laner, has had a chance before in LEC under the Misfits uniform, but he couldn’t really show his full potential at that time. Lider’s play style is about solo kills or mainly getting full control of the middle part of the Rift, which Selfmade will benefit from a lot. LEC teams better watch out for Lider’s Irelia.

If he can get the mid control, then Selfmade will have a huge opportunity to show his aggressiveness, but the scenario may not be like this all the time. I say the Selfmade-Lider duo is a coin-flip situation. If they get ahead, Vitality will probably have a huge chance of winning the game, but if they fall behind, it may be a lot harder to complete a comeback.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Vitality’s bottom lane duo will be the same as last split: Crownie and Labrov. These two showed some spectacular performances during the regular season last split, and with what are probably better teammates, they have the opportunity to reach their full potential as a duo.

Team Vitality’s game plan will be the main deal about their success. Almost all the players are aggressive, and that is why they may face difficulties especially in drafts and the early stages of games. SLT is a great 1v1 player, but he may not find too many opportunities to play Jayce, for instance.

I expect him to play champions like Gnar and Gragas and maybe even Shen. We have seen from Armut that Gnar could be a piece that completes the structure, but I may also be wrong. Only time will show us. To be honest, I can’t wait to watch this team compete in LEC, and I’m really excited to see Lider and Selfmade on the same team. Please share your thoughts in the comment section, I am curious!

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