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Team Vitality Destroys Misfits’ Playoffs Hopes in the Last day of LEC Regular Season

The LEC 2021 spring season’s last week ended in heartbreak for Misfits Gaming. It needed to win its last match to keep playoff hopes alive, but Crownshot and his teammates had a different idea. Team Vitality surpassed Misfits in 29 minutes.

Vitality over Misfits 1
Courtesy of LEC

Despite not having a chance to make it through playoffs, Vitality applied its willingness to win this matchup in the pick screen by focusing on lane dominance and mid-game power. It preferred Gnar, Skarner, LeBlanc, Xayah and Alistar against Sion, Hecarim, Zoe, Kai’Sa and Rell of Misfits.

Everything went as planned for Vitality in the early game. They obtained the lead both in the bot lane and top lane, and didn’t force any team fights until getting strong enough. Even though Vitality gave up the first two dragons alongside the first blood, the France-based team managed to turn things around in its favor in the 17th minute by winning the first team fight and getting the dragon.

Three minutes after the first fight of the game, another battle popped off in the top river. Thanks to Szygenda’s great Gnar ult, Vitality emerged victorious from the team fight flawlessly and got the second herald. 

Crownshot became the strongest member on the rift, which helped his team control everything around the map. In the 25th minute, Labrov started a superb team fight with Alistar and brought another ace for his team alongside the Nashor buff. After collecting the buff, Vitality went towards Misfits’ Nexus, won a team fight once more and ended the game in 29 minutes.

This was the last match of the regular season for both teams as Misfits had zero chance to qualify for playoffs due to losing against Vitality.  On the other hand, it was clear that Vitality wouldn’t be able to make it to the playoffs long before the matchup.

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