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Team Swagg Wins $100K Toronto Ultra Warzone Season Two Tournament

Call of Duty League’s Toronto Ultra hosted another big Warzone tournament for Season Two on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel. The event took place March 1-2 with a total of 36 teams initially participating. By the end of Day One, the number of teams narrowed down to a total of 16, who all went on to compete in Day Two. The point system format for the tournament followed traditional kill-race rules, with points coming from placement and number of eliminations.

Toronto Ultra Warzone Season 2 1
Courtesy of Toronto Ultra

On Day One, each team had to drop in public Warzone lobbies and had to accumulate as many points as possible within a four-hour period. The best five games within the time frame counted toward the final score. Teams also had the option to complete bounty missions for additional prizes. Team Aydan was the top performer of Day One with a total of 519 points. Team Swagg was able to come in second place with 495 points followed by Team JoeWo with 485 points. 

All of the scores obtained from Day One were reset for Day Two, which was split into two rounds totalling up to four hours. For Round 1 of Day Two, the three best games counted toward the final score with the points from the highest-scoring game getting carried over into Round 2. The 16 teams that played during Round 1 dwindled to the top eight teams for Round 2. The second two-hour period had the best four games count towards the total score with the highest-scoring team being deemed the victor.

Team Aydan was able to complete back-to-back 80-point games but ended up losing its last game, which cost them the first-place spot. The final round became increasingly intense as Team Swagg, Team Tommey and Team HusKerrs fought for their respective placements on the leaderboard. Team HusKerrs didn’t have a great start in the first round but trotted up quickly in Round 2. Team Tommey had four 90-plus-point games in a row and ended up having the final match of the tournament after the cut-off time. However, Team Tommey wasn’t able to finish off strong and got second place under Team Swagg, which achieved a total of 377 points for Day Two.

The $100,000 prize pool was awarded in weights according to placement. Team Swagg went home with $33,000 while Team Tommey got $22,500 and Team HusKerrs got $12,000. The teams from fourth to 16th place get less and less money the lower they were on the leaderboard. 

The Toronto Ultra Season Two tournament revealed how much of a cruel mistress Warzone can be. A team that does so well in the beginning can lose it all in an instant. We’ll see what happens the next time when these teams gear for the inevitable tournament in Season 3.

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