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Team Nigma, T1, AS Monaco Gambit Eliminated From Singapore Major

Team Nigma, T1 and AS Monaco Gambit have been eliminated from the Dota Pro Circuit’s Singapore Major Wild Cards. 

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Courtesy of ONE Esports

Nigma has lost four of its five series 2-0 while its only win came against Vici Gaming in a 56-minute struggle, drawing the series. The team’s early exit was already finalized before their series against T1 today.

T1 was the second team to be eliminated from the Major once A.S. Monaco Gambit won its first match against Team Liquid, killing T1’s chance of making a four-way tiebreaker that could have kept it in the tournament.

Team Nigma and T1 both had disappointing performances. It’s understandable that both teams had to play with stand-ins on very short notice. For T1, Lee “Forev” Sang-don stood in for Carlo “Kuku” Palad for T1 after the latter confirmed in deleted posts that he tested positive for COVID-19. After Ivan Borislavov “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov tested positive for COVID-19, Team Nigma coach Roman “rmN-” Paley stood in for him.

Both teams played on the backfoot, but even their best players seemed to underperform. “Miracle-” and “w33” didn’t seem to be in their jam doing the usual bunch of flashy plays, picking their team out of the pickle by making space for each other and farming in the worst-case scenarios to win late game. The same went for “23savage” for T1; He had his share of good performances, but his performance was erratic, and T1 couldn’t capitalize on his, or the rest of its roster’s, performances. Both teams were systematically shut down in almost all of their matches, with barely any matches touching the 40-minute mark.

Team Liquid on the other hand was steamrolling all teams in the Wild Card matches with its unconventional picks and phenomenally run strats. Its only loss till today had been against CIS powerhouse ASM.Gambit. Even it quickly unravelled after the series against ASM.GMB, going on to lose both games in the series against Vici Gaming.

Gambit had a pretty strong showing after defeating Team Liquid, but it couldn’t hold its own against the other French football club backed opponent, PSG.LGD. At the end of the day, ASM.GMB was tied with Team Liquid at 6-4. The tiebreaker started with both teams putting up a gritty show, but qojqva’s Invoker and miCKe’s Io became unbeatable powerhouses off the back of their other three teammates. Gambit lost the Bo1 to Liquid and became the third team to be eliminated from the Singapore Major.

Wild Card Standings:

TeamSeries (W-D-L)Matches (W-L)Seeding
1.PSG.LGD4-0-18-2Group Stage
2.Vici Gaming3-1-17-3Group Stage
3.Team Liquid3-0-26-4Group Stage
6.Team Nigma0-1-41-9Eliminated

Tiebreaker for third-fourth place:

Team Liquid 1 – 0 AS Monaco Gambit

The Group Stage matches for the Singapore Major kick off at 10 AM SGT (UTC +8). The first series on Stream 1 is between Alliance and Team Aster, and on Stream 2 is between Thunder Predator and Team Liquid.

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