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Team Liquid and tokidoki: A Match Made in Merch-Heaven

For a while now, tokidoki has been one of the more iconic lifestyle brands out there. Known for what their website describes as their “larger-than-life-characters” and “extensive range of products which include apparel, handbags, cosmetics, accessories, toys and more,” it was only a matter of time before they got in on the lucrative esports industry. While they have done collaborations on gaming-adjacent products previously, their recently-announced partnership with Netherlands-based esports organization Team Liquid will be the first of its kind for tokidoki. 

Image courtesy of tokidoki & Team Liquid

For Team Liquid, this marks only the most recent of exciting collaborations. They recently had a partnership with Marvel Entertainment, bringing superhero-themed apparel into the esports realm. As of November 19th they’ll officially be doing the same with tokidoki as the designer brand takes over Team Liquid’s digital channel as a part of the launch for their new merch line. The line itself will consist of 16 items of apparel and accessories. Alongside tokidoki’s signature character designs, redone to reflect Team Liquid’s color scheme, the line will feature Blue, the unicorn mascot of the esports organization.

Image Courtesy of Team Liquid/Twitter: @TeamLiquid

Tokidoki was founded in part by Italian designer Simone Legno back in 2005, inspired by his enthusiasm for Japanese pop art. In an article from Esports Insider, Logan Leavitt, Apparel Business Manager at Team Liquid, noted the kindred spirit between Legnos’ brand and the Netherlands-based esports organization. According to Leavitt, “apparel at Team Liquid is all at once product, content, and engagement. When we consider a collaboration within that framework, we’re looking for synergy in all three. With tokidoki, we found those elements in a shared spirit of fun, art, and geek culture.”

Team Liquid 1
Image Courtesy Team Liquid

Team Liquid was first started back in 2000. From starting off as a Brood War clan to establishing themselves competitively in a number of different games such as StarCraft II, Hearthstone, Dota 2, Super Smash Brothers, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch to name a few, Team Liquid is also widely followed for their website,, the go-to site for all StarCraft coverage. Needless to say, Team Liquid has a pretty large fanbase and the tokidoki collaboration is sure to bring more eyes to the organization as well as provide for their existing followers.

Image Courtesy of tokidoki

For instance, one of the features of the new line will be products for women. This is a demographic of the organization’s followers that could definitely use the attention, according to Team Liquid Apparel Designer Gabrielle Renfro. As she puts it, “This collection was also one of my first chances to create quality custom pieces unique to women, which has been a huge bucket list item for me here at Team Liquid.”

Ultimately the collaboration is sure to excite many. As a brand, tokidoki is great at finding the perfect combination of cutesy, cool and artsy. As an esports team, Team Liquid has a brand image with a stern-looking logo that has translated to an adorable unicorn. Nothing says “successful collaboration” more than that.

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