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Team Heretics’ niesoW Taking an ‘Extended Break’ from Competitive Valorant

Courtesy of Riot Games

Just two days after the end of VCT 2021 Europe Masters 1, news about roster changes came to the surface. Team Heretics’ niesoW is taking an extended break from competitive play due to personal life issues, the team’s coach Tanizhq announced on Twitter.

The breaking news was brought up by Universo Valorant, saying “Heretics player Dustyn ‘niesoW’ Durnas would retire from Valorant’s competitive scene in the next days.” As soon as the rumor came out, the community was divided into two different sides, the one who wishes luck and the other one who implies the player is taking a break to dodge the incoming LAN tournament of Valorant.

NiesoW’s competitive history is a little bit complicated. In his time as the professional player of Battalion 1944, the German player was accused of cheating by the game’s community. Then he got banned from the game by the developers of Battalion 1944 in 2018, but the officials decided to unban him soon after since there was not enough evidence.

After all the things that occurred in Battalion 1944 times, niesoW was exposed to allegations of him cheating in every game he competed, including Valorant. Some pro players of the scene like ardiis and Davidp have been accusing niesoW of cheating for a long time, though he has been cleared by Riot Games multiple times.

Following all those comments and accusations, Heretics Valorant coach Tanizhq posted a Twitlonger which starts with denying the cheating allegations: “If you still think niesoW is cheating, you are either an idiot, a salty player or both.” Then, he explained the situation.

The head coach threw light on the topic saying niesoW is not retiring, just taking an extended break to focus on real life and his family situation. According to Tanizhq, the German player informed the team about the situation and said he wanted to take a break after First Strike in December. However, the team wanted him to continue playing and arranged all the plans alongside scrims regarding the condition. Therefore, Heretics went for a six-man roster immediately, which allowed niesoW to take some free time and continue to compete at the same time.

“Before Masters 1 began, he informed us that he made his decision to take a proper break, but also realized the team needed him on certain maps, so was kind enough to continue and perform until the end of the event.” Tanizhq said. 

As the coach said, niesoW will play the game casually and stream occasionally during his break. On the other hand, any statement about the future of Heretics hasn’t been made.

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