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Team Heretics has Solid Start Over Ballista Esports in Day 1 of VCT Masters EU

VCT Regional Masters has been one of the most awaited tournaments in a while. Today, the European part of the tournament started with the battle between Ballista Esports and Team Heretics. pAura and his teammates were the better team today, and Heretics started the tournament with a solid win.

Heretics over Ballista Val 1
Courtesy of Valorant Champions Tour

Game 1 – Bind

Ballista Esports started the series with a dominant pistol round win. Even though BST won the second round, Team Heretics gave signals of a comeback with a great pistol performance. However, qxv stepped up and secured nine kills in five rounds to keep his team ahead in the game. pAura struggled to help his team to protect the sides. Team Heretics tried its best to regain control and actually managed to achieve it later in the game. After winning consecutive rounds, TH closed out the first game by a score of 13-10.

Game 2 – Haven

The early rounds were completely one-sided as Team Heretics grabbed five in a row. Ballista Esports players struggled to stay in the game mentally but maintained it somehow as they won a few rounds. With this mental reset, Ballista Esports closed the gap, but Heretics was still ahead. Ballista regained the momentum with Buld’s incredible flash play which turned into three quick kills in favor of BST. Things got tense during the later stages of the game, but Team Heretics was the better team in this one. 

Even though the final score is 2-0, both teams played decent, and it was a close series in the end. Both teams will face different teams in the upcoming days and try to make it out of the group stage. In addition to the opening matches, there will be elimination, winners and decider matches that will determine which team gets out of the group.

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