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Team Heretics Clinches VCT EU Finals Spot by Defeating Guild Esports

Group A leader Team Heretics faced Group B’s second-seeded team, Guild Esports, in the semifinal of VCT Masters EU. After a strong start, Team Heretics managed to 2-0 Guild and advanced to the Grand Final. Heretics’ opponent will either be FunPlus Phoenix or Acend. That will be decided today after the next matchup.

Heretics over Guild VCT Masters 1
Courtesy of VCT


Both teams started with spectacular individual performances. Guild Esports looked like the leading team but things changed as rounds passed. Team Heretics got so close to its 11th round, but Yacine denied the clutch to tie the game at 10-10. An early 1v1 trade worked for the side of Heretics as it took the momentum by planting the Spike and securing the bomb site. Yacine failed to clutch the next round, which led Heretics to the map point. Despite pAura’s inefficiencies, Team Heretics still managed to win the last round and got ahead in the series.


The second map was back and forth to start. AvovA and nukkye stepped up on the side of Team Heretics and made the difference. On the attacking side, Guild managed to squeak into the bomb sites but failed to finish the job as Heretics was great in retaking the site. This time pAura was a lot more effective and Heretics built its lead on him and nukkye. Later stages were just one sided as Guild couldn’t answer its opponent’s moves. Team Heretics won the second map by a score of 13-7 to advance in VCT.


Team Heretics is one of the strongest teams in Europe. The team once again proved it by making it to the Grand Final and both FunPlus Phoenix and Acend are also pretty strong. With this said, Guild Esports has been eliminated and won $15K for reaching the semifinals. The champion of the tournament will earn $60K and the second-place team will take home a prize of $30K.

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