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Suning Sweeps Team WE, Activates Playoff Buff

Just like the previous year, Suning had an average performance during the regular season. The team had troubles in mid- and later-stages of games and ended the regular season by acquiring the eight spot. 

Courtesy of the LPL

Suning’s playoff journey started with a sweep over LNG Esports in the first round. Today, SofM and his friends completed their second sweep against Team WE and reached the third round.

Game 1 

If you have watched Team WE during the regular season, you may have noticed beishang’s 150 IQ jungle pathings. The Chinese jungler made another genius path to start the series and got first blood by killing Bin in the top lane. Bin got caught red-handed and didn’t expect this gank from beishang. Team WE invested all its resources on the top side but forgot about huanfeng’s Jinx that got stronger minute by minute on the bottom side. 

WE’s early-game performance was probably its best considering the whole season, but its mid- and late-game performances were the complete opposite. Suning found great fights to turn the game around and killed Baron to pursue its lead. Huanfeng’s Jinx came to a point where WE players could do nothing except watch his textbook gameplay. Suning won the first game in 27 minutes and made a determined start to the series.

Game 2 

This time, SofM made the first visit to the upper side of the rift and gave the first blood over to his top laner. Team WE secured both Heralds and maintained the gold even before huanfeng’s Jinx’s late-game power spike. Both teams looked for team fights but couldn’t find one until the dragon fight in which Suning got four kills and WE had nothing in its hands. 

Suning’s draft got stronger minute by minute and that dragon fight sped up the job for the players. Team WE’s draft was literally useless after that point and just like the first game, WE players just watched huanfeng’s Godlike Jinx. Suning increased its lead every minute and demolished the Nexus in the 28th minute to grab a 2-0 lead in the series.

The dragon fight that ended WE’s hopes:

Game 3 

WE players decided to make a cheesy start and invaded SofM’s jungle to fire things up in the early minutes; however, Suning grabbed first blood and the cheese turned into a disaster for the side of Team WE. huanfeng secured two kills in four minutes and grabbed his third in the ninth minute. Suning’s composition didn’t allow Team WE to scale into the late game. With huanfeng’s dominance in the bottom side, SofM grabbed three early dragons to increase his team’s lead. 

Suning dominated the game from start to finish and didn’t drop a single kill. It was almost a perfect game, but Shanks demolished a tower in the top lane to prevent it. It was pretty obvious after the early invade play from Team WE that this game was going to be one sided. We may even consider that a tilt play. Suning slaughtered Team WE players and won the game in 26 minutes to complete the sweep. To be honest, Suning may have ended the game a lot earlier but played safe and secured all the objectives before hitting the enemy Nexus.

Suning’s playoff boost has been activated. The team did the same last year and made it to the World Finals. This time, it will have to lift the trophy to compete in MSI. Suning’s next opponent is Top Esports. Karsa and his teammates have to read Suning’s monstrous gameplay well and prepare themselves for a completely different Suning than the one they played against during the regular season.

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