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Suning Sweeps LNG Esports in First Round of 2021 LPL Spring Split Playoffs

2020 LPL finalist, Suning, struggled to make it into the playoff bracket during the regular season; however, experience paid off and the team made it to the playoffs after its performance in the last weeks of the regular season. Suning faced 10th-seeded LNG Esports in the first round and swept its opponent in three easy games.

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Courtesy of LPL

Game 1

LNG tried an over-aggressive dive in the third minute of the action. It almost turned into a disaster for the side of LNG, but Light played the position perfectly and outplayed SofM to make the trade even. Both teams secured three kills, but most importantly, Light secured all three kills with Jinx in his hands. On the other side, Huanfeng got two, so we all knew that it was going to be a marksman duel between these two. SofM played much more effectively than Tarzan with his Nocturne ults. Suning led the game in the mid-stage and took down the Baron. LNG didn’t show much of a pulse and literally accepted the loss. Suning won the first game in 27 minutes and took the lead in the series. 

Game 2 

SofM picked Xin Zhao, and if you are reading this article, then you know how comfortable he is with this champion. Both junglers were silent during the early phase, but all of the Suning players won their lanes in terms of minions and experience. SofM secured first blood in the 11th minute by catching Tarzan in his jungle with the help of Angel. Suning increased the gap after the Herald fight. Bin had a magnificent performance in this fight with his three-man Gnar ult. LNG faced some difficulties due to its draft and Suning controlled the map. After one-sided team fights, LNG Esports couldn’t stay in the game and respond to the moves of its opponents. Suning demolished LNG’s Nexus in 29 minutes. 

Game 3

The last game was completely one-sided. LNG players couldn’t keep their heads in the game and struggled mentally after getting 2-0 behind in the series. SofM helped his team, getting first blood in the mid lane. Suning had a 4.5K lead in gold in the 10th minute which pretty much summed up the game. LNG’s disastrous performance made Suning players confident. As a result, whichever move they did ,they were successful. Suning not only demolished the Nexus but also LNG’s hopes for MSI in only 17 minutes.

After falling 2-0 behind, LNG players either got tilted or mentally boomed. Suning’s experienced roster used this magnificently and boosted its morale before the second-round game. Suning will face Team WE in the next round.

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