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Suning Pulls Out Easy Win Over Bilibili Gaming, Ruins BLG’s Playoff Dreams

Bilibili Gaming had to win the game in order to secure a playoff spot. BLG and LNG Esports are fighting for the final playoff spot, and today BLG had an important opportunity to tie wins with its opponent. However, Suning demolished Bilibili Gaming and ruined BLG’s dreams. From now on, BLG’s playoff faith relies on both its performance and also LNG’s matchup against this split’s worst LPL team, Rogue Warriors.

Suning over Bilibili 1 1
Courtesy of LPL

Game 1 

SofM had a monstrous early game with Hecarim in his hands. He started the game with three kills and led his team in terms of map control. Suning secured almost every objective, and Bilibili Gaming couldn’t answer back. Thanks to Zeka’s CS lead in the mid lane, BLG stayed in the game and didn’t let its opponent have a gold lead. However, Suning looked at gold as just a number as team fights were pretty easy for Kassadin and Jinx. The game came to an end in 36 minutes. Biubiu secured the only kill BLG secured throughout the game, but his ratio was 1/7/0 in the end. 

Suning over Bilibili 2 1
Courtesy of Suning

Game 2

After losing the first game, this one was important for Bilibili Gaming. Biubiu put his hand under the rock and picked Lucian, which was a coin flip. Suning grabbed four kills in a fight near the drake pit. Meteor engaged so deep and his teammates couldn’t follow his call. Suning got so ahead by increasing its lead minute by minute. The gap was almost impossible to close, and Suning secured the win in 29 minutes. Props to Suning’s increasing team chemistry. Today, the Suning players showed how dangerous they will be in the playoffs. 

Suning had already guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. However, Bilibili Gaming was sitting at the edge, one spot behind the playoff bracket. BLG still has a chance to make it into the playoffs. If the Rogue Warriors beat LNG Esports, and BLG beats FunPlus Phoenix, then Aiming and his friends will be in the playoff bracket. Rogue Warriors won only three games during this split. Even though they managed to beat Top Esports, I am not expecting an upset against LNG. It is still not impossible though.

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