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Suning Defeats Top Esports In LPL Opener Match

The LPL 2021 Spring Split started with a huge match between Top Esports and Suning. Suning managed to defeat its enemy with a score of 2-0 and secured the first win of the split. Looks like Zhuo has to adapt to his team more in the upcoming matches.

LPL Suning 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Game 1

While Huanfeng was back on the Rift, Top Esports set up an ambush to SofM and caught the Taiwanese jungler in his jungle. Knight secured the first blood and intensified his lead over Angel in the mid lane. Top Esports looked strong in the early game, but Suning never fell back too much. Suning’s team comp worked so well during team fights and that is how the gap got bigger. Last Worlds Finalist players secured the Baron buff and smurfed on Top Esports players. Huanfeng and Bin’s performance helped the team to get the win in the first game.

Game 2

Unlike common LPL games, Game 2 of the series started pretty slow. The first blood was secured by Bin in the eighth minute, but Karsa rushed to the position with Hecarim and got two kills in exchange. Top’s early game was better in general but its mid-game decision making handed the advantage to Suning. Huanfeng’s Kai’Sa got stronger by collecting three kills. Karsa and knight tried their best to keep their team in the game, but 369 fell so much behind. Top Esports couldn’t get what it expected from 369’s Jax. Fights looked head to head but somehow Suning got what it wanted entering into the late game. Huanfeng was unstoppable and the team managed to close the game in minutes.

Suning will face RNG next and let’s see if it can start the season with a back-to-back win streak.

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