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Syft’s Special 1,000th Article

When Syft was imagined one fateful night in Los Angeles, the stars opened up, the infinite sky above turned to epiphany, and through the heavens shot a golden light of pure gaming energy. It sang of futures to come and tasted like G Fuel.

At that time, we had 0 articles. Now, we have 1,000.

Syft's Special 1,000th Article 2

To commemorate all the fantastic work the writers have done for the site, we asked them to do some more. Here are a series of videos from our lovely writers talking about their experience with Syft. Shoutout to all of the writers- if your video isn’t here, it’s because you didn’t send one.

Editor’s Note: Izzy wanted to transform all these clips into a single tribute video, but in a heated discord call (read: mild disagreement), he was outvoted.

Jay Silver

Jay “I’m a Journalist” Silver is a journalist, and he wants to make sure you know that. Originally hailing from Connecticut (which has the best pizza in the US), he now resides in Washington D.C., where he’s pursuing his graduate degree from Northwestern University at their DC campus. Jay’s drive is unparalleled and he’s jumpstarted a number of initiatives on the site, including our coverage of Worlds and LCS Lock In. His passion and love for what he does crown him an indispensable member of the team and ensure that he’s in a League all his own.

Editor’s Note: Jay’s motto is, “To each his Ornn.

Jeff Jenkins

The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Jenkins “Jenkins” Jenkins (apparently his first name is Jeffrey) is all you can hype him up to be and more. A FaZe fanatic, meme curator, and art aficionado, Jenkins can often be found in a writer’s meeting 10 minutes after it starts. His work has been instrumental to the growth of the site and everyone agrees that this visionary writer has more than made a name for himself.

Joseph Endler

This man writes so many articles. So many articles. And some of them are good. This writer has Two Sides: on one, there’s the bad boy who spends every writer’s meeting leaning on his forearm and every Saturday crushing it with his bros. On the other is the NJB whose family left supportive messages on his 100th article. With 21 pages of articles, Joseph’s Syft account is old enough to drink. So, here’s a toast to Joseph, who astounds us with his enthusiasm and amazes us with his innovation. The End-all-be-all: Joseph Endler.

Rachel Mailhot

Rachel Mailhot’s last name is hard to pronounce, and if you pronounce it wrong, she’ll kill you. When she isn’t playing as the best Impostor on staff, she spends her time playing indie games, which seems a bit… Off. Her Story is a simple one: before she came onboard, Jake and Izzy read her work and said, “We’re hiring this woman immediately.” (Camden wasn’t available for comment.) With a growing appetite for horror, we can’t wait to see what Little Nightmares pop out of this writer’s head next.

Editor’s Note: Izzy really likes her cat.

Jarrod Castillo

Jarrod Castillo doesn’t like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, but that’s probably because he just shoots bricks. He can’t find anyone to play the Cayo Perico heist with, but that’s probably because all his grad school friends are Zombies. Finally, Jarrod is a phenomenal writer whose passion for gaming shines through in his art. Talented, hard-working, and thorough, his abundance of ground-breaking work speaks for itself. He also really likes sneakers.

Editor’s Note: It was too hard to fit “Yakuza” into a sentence.

Mariah Qaiser

Qaiser? I hardly know ‘er! Mariah’s name is pronounced “Mar-ee-ah,” not “Mar-eye-ah,” which we didn’t know until she corrected us 2 months in. Most of her work on the site comes from figuring out when to unmute her mic in writer’s meetings. Her love for Final Fantasy fuels her Persona as a passionate writer who leads with her Heart. A brilliant artistic writer, Mariah’s articles are of an incredibly high quality and her attitude is unbeatable. Also, her avatar on Discord is Pengu with a saw, which— if you ever meet her— makes a lot of sense.

Erik Ruof

Erik Ruof entered our lives writing why Cyberpunk 2077 was bad. There was a lot to say. But soon, he asked us if he could start writing about literally anything else, and after a group call which lasted well into the night, we agreed. Well, we agreed after the first minute, and then we just kept the call going through the night. Now, he writes about the 50 Cent video games, the Kanye West video game, and the stock market. If we could invest in Erik, we would, just like we wish we invested in GameStop. His sharp writing and cheeky personality embolden his developing voice and prove that Mr. Ruof is a one-of a kind (Sorry.)

Editor’s Note: One of Jake’s hotter takes is that “Goodfellas” is better than “The Godfather.”


It’s us!

And that’s it for our 1,000th article special. In the last six months, we’ve shared a lot of laughs and done a lot we’re proud of working for a company like no other. Wherever we go in the next 1,000 articles, or 10,000, or more, we’re happy to call Stropse our home.

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