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Syft Recap – FNCS C2S4 Day 1 EU/NAE Heats

Three weeks of Fortnite Champion Series qualifiers all led to the FNCS Chapter 2, Season 4 group stage on Thursday and Friday. Each region started with four heats of 33 trios each with the top eight teams in each heat advancing to the grand finals Saturday and Sunday.

Stropse fncs 01
Syft Recap – FNCS C2S4 Day 1 EU/NAE Heats 4


Heat 1 – Much of the star power was here in Heat 1. Early on, it was all Flikk, BL Anas and Gamma Th0masHD, who won the first game with 13 eliminations and clinched a second-place finish in game two to take a commanding lead.

Creeping just on the outside of the top three after three games was FaZe Mongraal, Liquid Mitr0 and E11 TaySon, but the trio showed up big in game three with a 19-elimination victory, catapulting into first place by two points. 

Trouble came for Mitr0 in game five as he was disconnected from the game with a hefty set of loot, forcing Mongraal and TaySon to play man-down for most of the game. This isn’t even to mention how TaySon battled some insanely high ping through the match. Still, the trio held on to third place in Heat 1.

Game five went to NRG benjуfishу, 100T MrSavage and Atlantis LxTsHe, who finally got things going with an aggressive 13-elimination first-place finish, moving up into fifth place for the final game. What could’ve been a disastrous day one for this squad was salvaged into a top five.

The final game came down to Anas and his trio as well as the trio of GODSENT znаррy, TwitchMichaelfnr and GODSENT шакпе. Despite 14 eliminations, Anas’ squad finished the match in second place, but that was more than enough to jump back into first in the series. Anas and Th0mas also pulled this harpoon snipe on benjyfishy halfway through the match.

Another huge story in Heat 1 was the trio of Vetle 7, IDrop 7 and Playwell Styrsix, who was unable to play game two due to a prematch disconnect. Despite that, the three finished in second place only 33 points behind first despite not winning any victory royales. 

Heats 2, 3 and 4 were significantly closer, with the top 10 separated by 46, 47 and 41 points, respectively, compared to a gap of 74 in Heat 1.

Heat 2 – After a 16th- and sixth-place finish in games one and two, Solarу Floki, Rams Clement and Rams naekoz rattled off back-to-back top-two finishes, including an 18-elimination win, to take a 15-point lead into game five.

The trio didn’t slow down either, posting a 6.83 average finish with 8.17 eliminations per game, the highest of any EU team Thursday. To end the day, they tacked on nine game-six elims on their way to a seventh-place finish that ended with this play by Floki.

Popular trio of k1nzеll, Wolfiezrr and сrr had a sluggish start, finishing outside the top 10 in four of its first five games. But a second-place standing in game two and a victory royale in the final match boosted their standing to fifth for the heat, perfect striking distance for the second day.

Heat 3 -The top three teams in heat three heading into game five were separated by just 14 points with MCES and1zr, Wave JannisZ and MCES duckontop leading the way. With nine eliminations and a second place in game six, they were able to tuck away first on day one while posting the highest average elims and placing in the heat. 

One of two trios to win two games today, Skydeunn, Braize and voxe.exalty sit in third place but could’ve been a lot higher as they were unable to make it to the endgame in the other four matches. Those four matches ended in places of 16th, 24th, 20th and 11th with nine combined eliminations.

Heat 4 – The only other EU trio to win more than one game was Wave etq, IboooHai and Not Hellfire, taking first in games four and five. However, it was Safik, VP Siberiajkee and iRezUmi that had the lead going into the last game with a 7.40 average placing.

However, Fury FlowiS, Endrеtta and TT9 Louis had the lead 50% through Heat 4 with two second places and only one finish outside the top 10. In fact, neither of the top two won a game as snaggedemon, Massello Heatzy and wave steeli slid into second with an average placing of under seven.

Kimchi Analysis
Courtesy of Kinch Analysis

There is a lot of Fortnite to be played and most teams still have a shot at qualifying. EU heats continue Friday with the top eight trios from each heat, as well as a wild card team decided by one match, advancing to the Grand Finals on Saturday and Sunday.


Game 1- CozyFA and crew followed through with one of the first squad eliminations in Heat 2. Gaining a strong lead for the remaining five games, TSM Commandment, Liquid ililili, and NRG Edgey took their place over the leader-board. 

Game 2- XSET saw the loss and revival of XSET Av, who promptly helped his team with a squad-wipe. Throughout the games, XSET faced a series of problems stemming from Crash Pads destroying their builds. TSM Commandment’s trio was wiped out by QA Whofishy and Coop minutes before dying in the last circle due to the storm, leaving Outcast trap’s trio to win the game after a well-thrown shockwave grenade. TSM Commandment’s trio finished game 2 at Rank 1.

Unfortunately, they were not able to finish the game but managed to take out SEN Aspect after the trio attempts to camp at a cabin in Willow Woods.

Game 3- TNA Deyy, TNA Mero and Reverse2k won game 3 after TNA Legedien was the only one left of his trio and made a hail-mary attempt, jumping from the high ground.

Game 4– TSM Commandment’s trio died in the 8th circle, effectively dropping them down from 1st to 6th place in the Heat 2 rankings. XSET swooped in for the win during the last circle. This was the first game they won since Heat 2 started, which raised them to Rank 1 with 24 eliminations and 72 points overall. 

Game 5- XSET started off the next game like they did the previous four, acting cautious and focusing on resources instead of points. XSET Knight helped gain his team two more points by elimination before the entire trio was wiped out in the final circles. Commandment’s trio took the last game thanks to Liquid Cented claiming seven eliminations before pushing in the final circle. 

Game 6– This game wasn’t friendly to XSET. Knight died within the first three circles, leaving Shark and Ava to fend for themselves early on. Mid-game, Strobe and his trio made their first aggressive push into the circle, before being wiped out in the later game. VSNH Bully Inwl claimed nine kills in the final round, something that is rarely seen in early endgame. QA Whofishy’s trio went head-to-head with Commandment’s crew, and both groups saw Whofishy and Liquid Cented taken out of the game. This weakened Commandment and Edgy’s chances of winning, with TNA Slicks trio closing out Game 6.

TSM_Commandment, Liquid Cented, and NRG Edgy stand at Rank 1 after the final game of Heat 2.

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