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Steam Breaks Another Record with 26.4 Million Concurrent Users

If there was only one company to benefit from the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be Valve. Since the beginning of the outbreak, new users have joined Steam every single day, expanding its audience and leading the digital market to break new records. According to the Steam Database, Steam set a brand new record, having 26.4 million concurrent users in the platform.

Courtesy of Valve

Being obligated to sit at home because of the pandemic has been pushing everyone to find new hobbies to keep themselves busy, and gaming is one of the most prominent among them. Because this is the case, Steam has become the first place to look at if you’re a PC player. 

Despite having serious competitors such as the Epic Games Store, Steam still protects its ground, as we can see from the charts. Valve’s digital store broke several records during the pandemic period, and its previous record was 25.4 million concurrent users on January 2. Nearly a month later, Steam amplified its achievement to 26.4 million. The top five games during the record were Apex Legends, Tale of Immortal, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as the website said. 

Right now, the Steam Game Festival event is ongoing and you can try hundreds of upcoming games’ demos freely in the store. Also, you can follow developers’ streams and ask them about their games. The occasion will end on February 9, so there is a tiny amount of time left.

If you’re looking for some discounts, here’s some good news for you. Steam’s traditional event Steam Lunar New Year Sale is about to start. According to the leaks, the occasion will start on February 11 and last until 15th. Even though it’s not as big as the Summer and Winter sales, there will be great offers.

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