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Spider-Man 2 Is Well Into Development

Loose emails were found from Insomniac which state Spider-Man 2 is done with script development and we may be getting an entirely new playable character.

Spider-Man 2
Courtesy of Sony

The script started development around January of 2019 before being finished just over a year later sometime during Q2. COVID has gotten in the way of any voice acting/mo-cap sessions being done, which has forced devs to focus on the gameplay side for the time being. 

A character dubbed “Knight Spider” is said to appear in the game and has left many wondering if this will be the new title for Miles Morales, as he had it for a short time in the comic books. Insomniac is also working on another character for which they have two nicknames: the “Purple Bat” and “The Shin Vigilante.”

This new character seems like a mix of The Punisher and Venom with how they are described. This is by no means a “friendly neighborhood” character, as they’re rumored to be equipped with gas particles, guns, and even “rope tentacles.”

Spider Man 2 1 1
Courtesy of Marvel


It’s good to see that Spider-Man 2 is going strong through its development and that the cast is starting to expand, even if by one or two characters. “The Shin Vigilante” or “Purple Bat” does sound a bit similar to Wraith, and it wouldn’t be surprising if she were to find herself the next playable character. 

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