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Spend a night in a gamer’s paradise for only $11

For major gaming nerds around the Texas area, do I have the deal of a lifetime for you. For only $11, you can spend a night in an old 7/11 turned gamers paradise. It sounds too good to be true right? That was my first thought, but after doing some research, I found that it was actually legit.

711 AirBnb 1
Courtesy of 7/11

The old 7/11 was turned into a full airbnb, fit with snacks, a slurpee machine and even a PS5. If you are having trouble getting a PS5, this is your chance to play it. The room opened in February for people who are over 18, but sadly there are only two dates that the room was available, Feb. 26 and Feb. 28.

If you are lucky enough to get one of the spots, you will have full access to the old 7/11 and all the futuristic goodness it has to bring. I mean, just take a look at the photo for this article, the place seems wild. The food and drink is unlimited, so you are free to stuff yourself with all the snacks and slurpee you want. There are also plenty of nice couches and chairs to sit on while you enjoy your gaming. As an added bonus, guests will also be able to join a one-hour stream on Twitch with well known streamer FaZe Temperrr. 

I gotta be honest with you guys, with only two nights available, it is not likely you will end up being able to snag a spot this month. But hopefully the hype and success of their first two nights will show the owners of this spot that it should be more widely available to rent. If this is the case, you know I am willing to take a road trip to Texas if I get a spot.

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