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Soulja Boy is Making a Video Game Console for the Second Time

Soulja Boy
Courtesy of Getty Images

With waves of people still desperately trying to get their hands on a Playstation 5, Soulja Boy came to tell’em that there’s an even better console on the way. In February 2021, the iconic rapper revealed the official Instagram account for his newly founded gaming business called SouljaGame. The photos featured on the account showcase the design of the Soulja Game console, which practically looks like an Xbox Series S with a Playstation 2 Dualshock 2 controller.

Fans are skeptical about Soulja Boy’s newest endeavor considering that he had a failed console launch back in 2018. During that time, SouljaGame came out with a number of console and handheld devices that received plenty of bad press because they were simply rebranded emulated systems. Before temporarily shutting down SouljaGame, Soulja Boy claimed to have sold over five million units within a month. Emphasis on claimed.

According to the SouljaGame Twitter page, the newest console will have original content unlike the emulators, which only host games made by other companies. So far the release date for the SouljaGame console is unclear, as are what games will be released for it. Although people have their doubts about the console, nobody has their doubts about Soulja Boy being an enthusiastic gamer. The Crank That rapper has been an avid gaming fan his entire life and claims to have had ideas of building a career in gaming for quite some time now. 

Soulja Boy has made two games available for mobile download on iPhone, iPad, and Android. The first is an endless runner called Beef With Soulja? where you play as Soulja Boy running through the streets avoiding zombies. You get points by collecting coins and obtaining AK-47s. His other mobile game is a side-scroller called Fighting Soulja – Draco Edition. You are once again given the task of avoiding zombies and collecting coins, but this time you have the ability to choose between using boxing gloves to fight or an AK-47 to shoot.

Soulja Boy’s passion for gaming is undeniable and it makes sense that he would venture so far into the industry to release his own console. However, it’s probably best to stand by and let this one pan out in order to see “what’s hannenin” with this new console.

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