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Sony Announces Next-Generation of PlayStation VR

On the morning of February 23, PlayStation officially announced that the next-generation VR system is currently in development. It will be arriving for PlayStation 5 consoles. 

This next-generation VR system comes a little more than four years after the first PlayStation VR’s release for the PlayStation 4 in October of 2016. Sony has stated that the new VR system will feature significant upgrades in its interactive capabilities and function. As such, it is expected to grant players an enhanced, immersive experience. 

Numerous improvements to PlayStation’s next-generation VR system will incorporate positive changes with respect to its predecessor’s performance. The next-generation VR system will reportedly see considerable enhancements to elements like field of vision and visual resolution. The system will also see augmented tracking and input capabilities. Also, it will require the use of a single cord to connect to the PS5 to ensure a simple setup while providing a top-notch gaming experience for players.

PlayStation has also announced a next-generation VR controller, which will purportedly imbue prominent elements from the new DualSense wireless controller. The new controller is expected to enable greater efficiency in its function and capabilities. 

The next-generation PlayStation VR system will NOT be launching in 2021 as it is still currently in development. Sony additionally confirmed that new VR content for players is also in the works. More details regarding the new system are expected to be revealed in the future.

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