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Organic Social Media Marketing: What Is It And How To Do It Right?

Organic Social Media Marketing What Is It And How To Do It Right

Social Networks are putting a lot of pressure on brands to spend money in order to reach their audiences. In 2021, where the social media landscape is evolving on a daily basis and new networks are rising to prominence, both organic and paid social media marketing is required for a creator to be successful. Creating an account on social media is free, but there are many organic and paid marketing elements to explore, which come in handy when understanding how growth works on different platforms.

Social Media Marketing can empower any business to generate sales via social media platforms. They’re powerful, profit-oriented strategies used to generate leads and convert simple posts into dream deals. There are different ways to go about it, through marketing processes such as Organic Social Media Marketing, Paid Social Media Marketing as well as Affiliate Marketing.

What Is Organic Social Media Marketing?

Organic social media refers to the free content, i.e. posts, photos, videos, memes, stories, etc that all users, including businesses and brands, share with each other on their feeds. Paid social media is when you create a post and back it up with money so that it will reach more people. Organic social media reaches your already existing followers whereas paid social media will reach any kind of audience, depending on who you’re targeting on the account in use. 

Organic social media marketing aka posting a photo sounds immensely simple, but it is the foundation of every digital marketing strategy today. It is the beginning – the first and most important step in the journey of becoming a successful creator. Not only is it the most perfect way to nurture a connection with followers, but brands and businesses can also acquaint themselves with their customers daily. 

Organic Social Media Marketing is particularly used for brands and individuals to:

  • establish their personality and voice
  • build relationships by sharing informative, entertaining, and authentic content
  • engage customers at every stage of their buying journey
  • support their customers with customer service

Affiliate Marketing Is When Brands Incentivize Influencers

Social Media Marketing

You’re scrolling through Instagram and see a popular blogger share a story promoting a product on Amazon. They’ve shared a coupon code you can use at checkout for 10% off and also linked the product to the store, ensuring you’re a “swipe up” away from finding it. This process is known as Affiliate Marketing. In this advertising model, a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic and sales to the company’s products and services. These bloggers or third-party publishers are affiliates, and the commission fee they receive incentivizes them to find creative ways to promote a brand’s service or product.

It’s very different from organic social media marketing, which is a communication channel available to everyone; individuals, small and large businesses at very low costs to share content in real-time. Affiliates participate in marketing by generating the content itself, many times through comments, photos, videos, and other means. 

Rise Of Influencer Marketing And Influencer Marketplaces

So, what is a social media influencer? They are popular social media figures who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. They’re experts in their niche and maintain a close relationship with their audience. Due to this reason, they have the power to affect the purchasing decisions of their followers. 

It has been documented that 92 percent of customers trust a micro-influencer (individual with a following between 1,000 and 100,000 people) more than a traditional advertisement or an endorsement from famous celebrities. It’s vital for brands to connect with like-minded influencers who will personally find interesting ways to promote their brand. Here’s how you can learn to select the right influencer for your campaign.

The rise of influencer marketing has given birth to InfluencerMarketplaces, which are online platforms connecting marketers with influencers in similar social channels. There are influencer marketplaces for fashion influencers, gaming influencers, travel and food influencers, or even a single platform for two or more of them. SYFT.GG is a gaming influencer marketplace created for gamers by gamers. They empower gamers to monetize their content by connecting them with musicians, bands, and fans. 

Social Media Marketing

The newest trend musicians are adopting to get their music out in the world is by collaborating with YouTube influencers, particularly gamers like Faze Clan, Tyler “Ninja” Belvins, and others. They add the music tracks to their highly-viewed gaming montages. These gaming channels consist of millions of subscribers…and YouTube is one of the world’s largest global outlets for gaming videos. It has a 44 percent viewer reach on the social media platform, which means there’s some real potential for success here.

There’s a lot to be factored in if you want to indulge in organic social media marketing with gamers. Does a YouTube channel or Instagram account align with your brand values and persona? Are these influencers the right people to connect with and generate engagement and sales for your brand? An influencer marketplace service can assist you with end-to-end solutions and analytical tools so you can keep track of every step in the campaign. Working with an influencer marketplace service can speed up your campaign and give you guaranteed results…and with the marketing landscape evolving each day, what’s better than to connect with experts?

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