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The Soaring Sidkitten – A Syft Exclusive Interview


Hello, we are the Syft Team. The following interview includes statements about games from Activision Blizzard. We would like our readers to know that this interview took place before the news and issues surrounding Activision Blizzard were made aware to the public. Please know that the discussions and statements made in this interview do not at all reflect the interviewee’s stance regarding Activision Blizzard’s conduct. This further extends to the interviewee’s associated organization mentioned in this interview.

Thank you,

Team Syft

Composed, intelligent, and dedicatedly attentive to her ever-nascent fanbase, the multifaceted Sidkitten is making big strides in the video game world as a diligent and captivating streamer. I had the extraordinary opportunity to meet this laidback gamer, content creator, tech consultant, certified yoga instructor, esports org VP, and devoted cat mom. I couldn’t be happier with who I came to know.

One of the many delightful aspects of Sidkitten’s streams is the occasional appearance of her furry cat companion Shinichi, named after the protagonist of the sci-fi horror manga and anime series Parasyte: The Maxim. All this to say, Sidkitten is— just like me— a proud anime fan.

Among the most defining aspects of Sidkitten was her easygoing and friendly personality: the two of us were constantly talking about anime and voice actors (She’s a big Hunter x Hunter fan!) On-stream, this means Sidkitten responds to as many comments in the chat as she can. Watching any Sidkitten stream is walking into a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, embracing pure, good-natured fun. 

While her content seems effortless, behind Sidkitten’s laid-back demeanor is an incredibly hard-working jack-of-all-trades. She’s not only a  game content creator and streamer, she’s also a certified yoga instructor, tech consultant, and esports apparel store co-owner. Sidkitten is also bilingual and speaks both English and Spanish in her streams, verbally translating for all of her audiences when doing so. As someone so deeply involved in technology and the video game industry, it simply begs the question: how did she initially become interested in these activities?

Sidkitten cheerfully described her entry into gaming and technology during the earlier PC days, specifically when Gateway Inc. computers were all the rage (Who could forget that cow print?). The slew of classic CD programs available for PCs back then, paved with utility and recreation, became a gateway to her eventual career path in technology and gaming.

“When we first got a computer, it came with CDs that had games on them. Some of them were [about] learning how to type, or do math; random stuff like that. That’s kind of where I started really getting into tech, and [it was] my first exposure [to] what gaming was [like] on a computer.”

I soon learned that Sidkitten’s most phenomenal trait was her earnest drive to flourish in everything she tried. Her humble beginnings at the family PC ultimately transformed her into the professional she is today. Sidkitten has come far from type-to-learn games, and today, she’s creating stream content for titles like World of Warcraft (One of her personal favorites), Valorant, and Apex Legends. She continues to work as a tech consultant, specializing in data and analytics, and ultimately, her efforts in the gaming industry eventually led her to ascend to the position of co-owner of Chilly Mountain

Her ventures don’t stop there. As mentioned before, Sidkitten is a certified yoga instructor and, alongside her gaming streams, she creates refreshing fitness content. Some of her current work includes showing her viewers basic, easy-to-do stretches and emphasizing the importance of physical activity after prolonged hours of being stationary whilst gaming. She personally adapted poses to make them more accessible to larger audiences.

“These stretches that I posed in the videos are adapted from a series of yoga poses for sitting, or specifically for gaming and being at your computer.”

Sidkitten initially became interested in yoga during her college years, acknowledging the stress-relieving and revitalizing effects of the activity. She went on to discuss her desire to share her knowledge and experience with her fans and viewers, highlighting the healing properties that yoga and physical fitness have on individuals. She described her elation upon receiving positive feedback regarding her fitness content.

“People actually did [The fitness exercises], and I’m like ‘Oh! Okay! Good! You like it! Yes!’ This is what I wanted. It was reassuring to get that feedback as well, that people liked it and that it was helpful. I’m even more encouraged to keep pumping out that kind of content.” 

As our discussion moved on to stress and work, I asked Sidkitten: “Just how are you able to do it all?” As stated before, she works a full-time job, is a professional fitness instructor, manages an esports organization, and yet still takes the time to focus on generating regular and entertaining video game content. While a good many of us might find these many responsibilities overwhelming, Sidkitten calmly and proudly embraces it all. 

Describing her edge as a content creator, Sidkitten says,“I think it really helps that I had a full-time job when I started my content creation. It brought [me] a lot of essential business skills. I’ve been working for a while now… It’s definitely helped a lot. I’d say probably most of the content I do is scheduled, and it takes a lot of project management skills and some financial management.” Because she works in so many different areas, she takes care to be meticulous and diligent, placing great value on growth as she constantly looks for ways to improve. 

Sidkitten is an individual brimming with passion for the things she does, and I had to ask: “Did the going ever get tough when pursuing so many different paths and goals?” 

“It’s definitely not easy, and some days I’ll slip,” she says. “I’ll [have] overslept, or I’ll have skipped a workout. I’m always working. If it’s not my full time job, I’m working on my content creation, after work, on the weekends… But it’s something that I enjoy.” She cited the need to carefully choose how one should handle their time and schedule, highlighting the importance of living her values with passion. 

“I think if it’s something you enjoy doing, it’s worth it.”

Courtesy of Chilly Mountain

Sidkitten has also made incredible strides with her crew at the esports organization Chilly Mountain. Her initial involvement with Chilly Mountain actually began before it was even an esports organization.

“I started with Chilly Mountain by watching Chillrogg, who is Chilly Mountain’s founder. I was watching him on Twitch and his Discord was named ‘Chilly Mountain.’ So I was a fan of his and went into his Discord, was chatting with everybody, [I] networked with some of his mods, and actually became a mod myself.”

Sidkitten described how this all occurred when Blizzard canceled their official leagues for the MOBA game Heroes of the Storm, which would catalyze the rise of Chilly Mountain

“Chillrogg was a huge fan of Heroes of the Storm and wanted to revitalize the scene.”

Thus, the Chilly Mountain Discord eventually became a hub of tournament organization, with Sidkitten stepping up to the plate. 

“I joined on board and helped him organize Heroes of the Storm tournaments, and then from there, we expanded into League of Legends, Valorant, Hearthstone, a couple of other games. So we were regularly having these tournaments, and then after a while of doing that, we switched gears and started to do less tournament organizing and become more of an org with an esports team.”

Today, Chilly Mountain has 5 teams total, both in the NA and EU regions, for Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends. Sidkitten expressed that she and the rest of the crew at Chilly Mountain seek to grow even more. 
“My dream would be to have a Valorant team,” she stated, favoring the first-person shooter title the most among the games Chilly Mountain has hosted tournaments for.

Aside from Valorant, Sidkitten revealed her desire to get more involved with League of Legends and Minecraft in the future. However, while the list of games she plays or is interested in playing goes on, her favorite title stands to be World of Warcraft.

“I love World of Warcraft so much. I just have so much fun playing it, I feel like there’s something for everybody and there’s something for [whatever] mood you’re in.” She went on to talk about the endless possibilities and content available in WoW, from more intense gameplay like raids and dungeon exploration to more relaxed and casual questing. 

“Whenever I play another game, I feel like I’m cheating on World of Warcraft. I’m like ‘Man, I could be leveling up my World of Warcraft character right now.’” You know you love a game when you constantly think of the time you could be putting into said game versus other activities. Such is the nature of Sidkitten’s love for World of Warcraft

While her content largely revolves around gaming, Sidkitten shared that she tends to prefer playing games where she can pay attention to the Twitch chat and her viewers during her stream without it affecting her gameplay.

“I try to get into games where I can read Twitch chat and not like, die in the game. During my streams, my focus is mostly on my viewers and the chat. If I’m trying to play Valorant really well, then [I find myself] ignoring Twitch Chat. If I do play [a game like] Valorant, I just have to be ready to die every single time because I’m just not paying attention!” While Sidkitten thrives on gaming, her top priority is connecting with her viewers and effectively creating a welcoming space for them. 

So ultimately, Sidkitten would die for her community. In-game, of course!

The Soaring Sidkitten - A Syft Exclusive Interview 4

When discussing Sidkitten’s start in video game content creation and its most gratifying aspects, she shared with us some of the struggles she underwent, along with some silver linings. 

“I kind of just stumbled upon when I started a year ago, and it started to [gain] traction. It seemed like something my viewers enjoyed, and it was something that I was having fun with as well. I kept at it and it blew up.” 

In the beginning, Sidkitten received a lot of hate comments, which made for a difficult start; however, there were also a significant number of individuals who supported her. As she progressed, she reached heights she couldn’t have imagined.

“There are people who care and are interested in what I have to say and what I’m posting. That kind of blurred the noise of those really loud haters. Now, it’s one of the best parts of creating content and streaming; I look forward to the people who I interact with regularly on Twitch, who are always in my stream, or on Discord. When I’m having a bad day, I can go into my Discord community [where] we’re all chatting, and the day turns around. It started from something that I didn’t really think people would be interested in, to having this amazing community behind me.”

Sidkitten says the most rewarding part about being a streamer is “Definitely the people that I’ve met and the relationships I’ve made.” At the beginning when she was receiving a lot of hate, she ultimately found solace and a safe space in the community. The encouragement and love she received from this community far outweighed the hateful comments. 

“As much as I’m sure they feel like I’ve helped them, they’ve definitely helped me,” she says. “I really do value my community… I just feel so lucky that I’ve been able to cultivate this community that’s so welcoming.” 

Regarding her progress and growth in the gaming industry, Sidkitten also shared some short-term and long-term goals she has for herself and for Chilly Mountain

“Right now what I’m focusing on is creating more short form content. That’s on the top of my list right now. Usually I post images, but I’m trying to get more into posting videos in that shorter form.”

Sidkitten also expressed the desire to network more and eventually take part in costreams with other streamers and content creators.

“Longer term would be to get a sponsorship for our Chilly Mountain organization,” she says. Another one of Sidkitten’s long-term goals is eventually creating content full time. 

As our conversation came to an end, Sidkitten shared some more exciting things to come in the future. Along with more gaming and her fitness video series, Sidkitten is now dipping her toes into the world of cosplay. Some of her works include a personal interpretation of Lola Bunny, with emphasis on her interpretation as she plans on making cosplays more personal to herself. 

“I’m going to do a Black Sails pirate interpretation as well, and then we have some Harry Potter stuff planned.” While Sidkitten is slowly trying to make an entrance into cosplaying, she already has quite the backlog for future cosplans. Fans and viewers may check out more of cosplay endeavors on her Patreon, which we’ve also linked below. 

From video games to content creation, streaming, tech consulting, yoga, Chilly Mountain, and now even cosplay, Sidkitten soars in everything she’s passionate about. Throughout our talk together, her will and dedication to succeed in all outlets of her life was one of her most defining aspects. While she actively takes on all things in front of her, she never fails to show appreciation and gratitude towards her community and fans. We look forward to seeing Sidkitten and Chilly Mountain soar to even higher heights.

Sidkitten’s Social Media:

Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Patreon, TikTok, Facebook, Discord and Chilly Mountain

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