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So You’re A Gamer Dating A Non-Gamer… Where Does That Leave You?

Perhaps you read a piece a while ago titled “So Your Partner’s A Gamer… Where Does That Leave You?” If you read it as someone dating a gamer, then that article was made for you, but if you read it as a gamer who is dating a non-gamer, you might have been left wondering the best advice for you. If you’re in the latter category, then this article, right here, is for you. If you’ve been wondering how you can share your gaming experience with your partner or you’re in need of tips on how to balance your life so that gaming doesn’t take over the relationship, read along to learn all about what you can do as a gamer dating a non-gamer. 

So You’re A Gamer Dating A Non-Gamer… Where Does That Leave You
So You're A Gamer Dating A Non-Gamer... Where Does That Leave You? 6

One of the hardest parts of being a gamer dating a non-gamer and trying to share the world of gaming with your partner is curbing the urge you have to share everything you have ever loved and known about gaming. The gaming community is a lot to take in (take it from someone who was introduced to gaming through a partner) and it can be overwhelming for a new gamer to learn about everything all at once. As much as it might pain you to not share everything you know, work to keep the information you’re sharing to a nice, even level, and don’t push too much of it at once. Believe me when I tell you, it will work out better if you take it slow.

Gamer 1
Image courtesy of the New York Post

It’s also important to remember that, even though your partner is going to take time to learn about gaming and spend time gaming with you, it’s still important for both of you to do things together that aren’t gaming-related. Yes, it can be a lot of fun to curl up on the couch and spend a weekend playing through a game together. However, if all you do together is game, eventually, you won’t have much of a relationship outside of gaming. As it is with everything, gaming is best done in moderation, so when you and your partner choose what you want to do together, make sure that your gaming time isn’t the only time you spend together.  

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Image courtesy of ClutchPoints

Another rut you can get stuck in is only showing your partner around games that you have loved for a long time and not necessarily looking into new games that they might be interested in. Ideally, you’ll both be getting into looking at new games together, but as the senior gamer, the responsibility falls on you to look for new games that would be right up your partner’s alley. As you look into these new games, take your partner’s interests into account so that you can search for games you think they will enjoy. Through this search, you’ll find ways you can both enjoy gaming even more: you’ll be experiencing new games, and they’ll be experiencing new games as well as gaming in areas they already enjoy.

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Image courtesy of Critical Hit Gaming

You should also prepare yourself for the possibility that your partner won’t be as into gaming as you are. This is completely possible, because video games aren’t for everyone, and it’s important that you take this information into consideration now so that if or when it happens, you can handle it well. If you’re in a good relationship, then your partner will want to share your gaming with you, and they’ll make an effort with it, even if they don’t love it. However, even if they’re being a good sport, if gaming isn’t something they love, you shouldn’t force it on them, because that is a surefire way to drive a wedge between the two of you.

A relationship is all about balance, and if you’re forcing your partner to engage in an activity they don’t enjoy, you will wreck that balance and eventually wreck the relationship. Hopefully, your partner will love gaming, and it’ll be a new way for the two of you to spend time together, but if they don’t love it, that’s either something you need to accept or, if you can’t accept it, end the relationship before you make it worse by trying to force them to be a gamer when it just isn’t who they are. 

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Image courtesy of Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

Overall, if you’re a gamer dating a non-gamer, it’s important to find the balance between sharing the amazing world of gaming with your partner and learning when to step back. If you can find the balance between gaming and not gaming together, you’ll be doing alright. It can be difficult to share something you love and take your time with it so that you don’t overload your partner, but if you can do it well, it’ll be better for your gaming time together and for your whole relationship.

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