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Snowboy building Tips for IRL

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere find ourselves still in the throes of winter, with plenty more snow in our immediate future. With seasonal depression and an endless quarantine (in the US at least) still preventing us from escaping the humdrum of daily life, maybe it’s time to take a step back to our childhood. After the success of our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Snowboy Guide, why not take a moment out of your day to make a real life Snowboy? Just make sure to bundle up first… It’s cold outside!

Snowboy Irl 1
Snowboy building Tips for IRL 6

Now, I myself haven’t made a snowman in… several years, so some rust and prepwork is expected before I start out. In the words of our favorite Shitzu:

Isabelle Winter 1
Image courtesy of Nintendo

But with nearly a foot and a half of snow outside, I thought I was set! However, not all snow is created equally. For ideal snow-packing conditions, big wet flakes are your friend. They’re great for making snowballs, and they pack well for rolling larger snowballs like we do in AC:NH. I… did not have ideal snow. Dry, grainy snow has a hard time sticking together, and is likely to fall apart when you try and pack anything larger than your fist. But I didn’t give up there! It is still possible, it will just be an uphill battle. 

Snowboy building 1
Image courtesy of Nintendo

It helps to pick out a clear space to work with first, ideally where the snow hasn’t been stepped on or packed down at all. Once you have your location and starting snowball, you can begin rolling it gently through the fresh snow, slowly building up the size of the sphere to however big you want your base to be. For me, the snow was just deep enough that I could not comfortably stand and roll the ball, and kicking was out of the question. It destroyed what little snow I had built up at that point for little-to-no gain. And so I rolled. And rolled. And rolled.

Check that video out here.

Building a snowman, or snowboy, is an exercise in perseverance, patience… and exercise. Snow is not a light thing once you have it packed, so remember to be kind to yourself and take breaks through the process. Your snowboy can wait for you to catch your breath, at the very least. But man, do we not give enough credit to Isabelle, or whoever makes the starter snowballs on our islands… that may be the hardest and most tedious part. When does she do it? 

Snowboy building Tips for IRL 7

When you’re satisfied with the size of your snowballs, all it takes is a matter of stacking one on top of the other and locating the ideal facial features. For my little Snow Boy, I went minimalistic. Two little pieces of gravel for eyes and we’ve got ourselves a petite lad! Don’t be afraid to relocate your snowmen post-assembly, as sometimes the tracks left by creating them can detract from the snowman himself, despite them being a necessary step in the process.

Snowboy IRL2 1
Snowboy building Tips for IRL 8

And there you have it! Your very own handmade snowboy, ready to cheer up your afternoon during this long winter. And the best part? They don’t have half the sass that the Snowboys in Animal Crossing do, so no complaints about being “almost” perfect. They’re perfect the way they are, lumps and all! And if you think you can build a better (or bigger) Snowboy than I can in real life, here is your formal challenge to do so. I look forward to all the Snowboys and girls in our future. Stay warm! 

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