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Slowly but Surely, Misfits Takes Over EXCEL for 4th Win in LEC

As the normal season of LEC Spring 2021 comes closer, every single game has bigger significance. Within the second match of Week 6, two teams that stand at the bottom of the league, EXCEL and Misfits Gaming, faced each other. Misfits managed to take its fourth win in the pretty one-sided game which lasted 31 minutes.

Misfits over Excel 1
Photo courtesy of LEC

Both teams focused on their late games on the pick screen. However, it was so clear that EXCEL had a lack of engagement power with Renekton, Mundo, Viktor, Senna and Tahm Kench. On the other hand, Misfits obtained everything it wanted such as Gragas, Graves, Orianna, Ezreal and Seraphine.

Misfits Excel Draft 1
Photo courtesy of LEC

The competition started as a usual LEC game: players tried to take control of their lanes while junglers were farming until the seventh minute. The first gank of the game came from Misfits as it prepared a four-man dive to the bot lane, but Czekolad saved the lives of his bot lane by teleporting to the turret.

The storyline of the game was written in the 10th minute. Misfits’ side gathered together around the dragon pit and acquired the first dragon of the game, but EXCEL decided to fight with them after that. While I was wondering why, it lost the team fight by giving up four players in return for nothing. 

With the lead he got, Razork visited mid lane several times and gave hard times to Czekolad. Taking its first kill in the 24th minute, EXCEL literally couldn’t do anything against Misfits all game long. Not long after, another team fight occurred in the bottom river. When the fight was over, Misfits’ players returned to their bases with the Ocean Soul and Nashor buff. Misfits headed to EXCEL’s nexus for the last time in the 31st minute and secured its fourth win in LEC.

With this result, EXCEL sits in the seventh place of the league by having five wins, while Misfits is chilling in eighth place.v

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