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SK Gaming Takes Over Schalke 04, Grabs 5th LEC Win

LEC’s Week 5 started with a game which contained fun play but not high quality performance. SK Gaming beat Schalke 04 in 38 minutes, and amplified its record to 5-5.

SK over Schalke LEC 1
Photo courtesy of LEC

There were two different storylines in the pick screen. SK Gaming has focused on its late game and team fight power with Renekton, Skarner, Azir, Jhin and Leona, while Schalke 04 targeted, seriously I don’t know what they thought while picking, Gnar, Nidalee, Zoe, Kai’Sa and Galio.

The game started with an early invasion by SK Gaming. It was a play which showed that players and staff were prepared for the game, and eventually, SK got the first blood by catching Gilius in the top lane bush.

Having a pretty slow start, the game didn’t offer serious action until the ninth minute. Except for Brokenblade’s lead, everyone had nearly the same amount of money when the first team fight of the game popped off for the first Herald. Both teams came together in the top lane river, but the fight was short since SK’s jungler got caught. Schalke secured the first Herald afterward.

The opening match of Week 5 was pretty dry, there were only two kills in total. However, Schalke 04 continued to expand the gold lead by moving around the map faster. With the advantage of BrokenBlade, the team increased the lead to around a 4k gold difference.

On the other hand, there wasn’t room for a single mistake on Schalke’s side since SK Gaming had a composition which is way more powerful in the late game. Soon enough, Abbedagge wasted the last hopes of S04 by getting caught several times in two minutes. After that, the Rift became the playground of SK’s players.

Team fights occurred frequently around the map while the end of the game came closer. Even though both teams performed badly and made a lot of mistakes in fights, Blue and his friends had stronger champions in their hands. SK Gaming managed to win all those team fights, grabbed all the objectives, caught the opponent’s carries with Skarner’s ultimate and ended the game in the 38th minute.

Despite struggling in the early game, SK Gaming executed every team fight well in the late game. With this result, the German-based team tied its record with Schalke 04 in LEC 2021 Spring season.

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