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SK Gaming Takes Over Misfits Gaming With Early-Game Domination

SK Gaming surpassed Misfits Gaming in the second week’s last day of the LEC 2021 Spring Split. Thanks to Treatz’s great Rell display, the SK side found opportunities around the map to take early-game leads which led them to victory afterward.

SK Gaming Wins 1
Photo courtesy of LEC

After disappointing results with three consecutive losses, SK Gaming was desperate for a win in LEC. Focusing on map rotation to take the lead, it stepped up on the Rift with Volibear, Taliyah, Twisted Fate, Vayne and Rell, while Misfits Gaming preferred Camille, Lillia, Yone, Jhin and Galio. Misfits’ picks looked like enough to answer their opponents’ speed on the paper, but they struggled in action.

LoL Draft 1
Photo courtesy of LEC

The first five minutes were full of silence, there were only fights in the lanes. Razork broke the silence with his Lillia by going to the top lane and helping Camille secure a Volibear kill for Mistfits Gaming.

SK Gaming acted wisely in regard to its weakness in the bot lane; it left Vayne alone and sent Treatz to rotate around the map to help other lanes. Soon afterward, the Germany-based team benefited from its choice. In the ninth minute, a teamfight popped off in the mid lane, which SK Gaming won, securing two kills for its Vayne and Herald, thanks to great play from Treatz.

Despite failing a couple times while doing it, the SK side finally managed to dive HiRiT in the top lane and gave Volibear the advantage it wanted. Early game was won by SK, but Misfits still had chances to turn things around since they had a team composition which was fit for a teamfight. 

Did they succeed in performing the strengths of this composition? No. Firstly, they got their second dragon stolen to Taliyah’s Q and then lost two more kills. In the 24th minute, SK Gaming signed its opponent’s death certificate, winning a huge teamfight in Baron Nashor pit, grabbing four kills while giving up nothing, and taking the Nashor buff. After that, everything was easy sledding. SK Gaming decided to dive under the mid-lane turret, destroying Misfits Gaming’s base and the Nexus in the 30th minute.

SK Gaming tied its record with Misfits Gaming at two wins and three losses after the second week of LEC.

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