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SK Gaming Grabs Clean Victory Against MAD Lions in LEC

SK Gaming added one more victory to storage thanks to clean play coming from all of its players against MAD Lions on the first day of LEC’s third week. The France-based organization is looking sharp, and they’re getting stronger every single week.

SK over MAD 1
Photo courtesy of LEC

When the pick screen was over, it was so obvious that both teams had different strategies to obtain the win. SK Gaming’s plan was focusing on its early- and mid-game power and forcing MAD Lions to make team fights which they don’t want with Pantheon, Nidalee, Twisted Fate, Kalista and Jarvan IV. Meanwhile, MAD Lions preferred a regular late-game team composition as they picked Ornn, Udyr, Azir, Tristana and Rell.

There was no doubt that SK Gaming was stronger in early game, but it looked like the MAD side forgot that. They started a fight in the bot lane and things didn’t go as planned; SK’s bot lane managed to turn the fight in its favor and secured the first blood in the third minute.

It wasn’t the only good news for SK Gaming. When the clock ticked, its Twisted Fate and Pantheon hit Level 6. Last week, Blue showed how good he is on TF, and he showcased it in this match once more.  In the eighth minute, Blue visited the bot lane and secured two more kills to his team while Jenax and Tynx were getting Herald.

There was still hope for MAD Lions since they grabbed two early dragons before 13rd minute, but undesirable team fights hurt them. After losing a team fight, the first mid-lane turret and the third dragon, MAD Lions lost the chance of making mistakes.

In the 22nd minute, SK won a huge fight in the mid lane. It caught Humanoid with Twisted Fate’s ultimate, grabbed the kill and turned the game into a snowball effect. After that, taking the Nashor buff was an easy task for SK Gaming. The young roster forced another team fight in the bottom river with the power of Baron Nashor, destroying all members of MAD Lions and finished the game in the 29th minute.

With this result, SK Gaming and MAD Lions are tied in the leaderboard as both teams have three wins and three losses.

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