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Sinatraa and Overwatch League Made Statements Regarding Recent Allegations

Sinatraa 1 2
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The esports scene has been busy for a few days due to the terrifying allegations about Sentinel’s VALORANT player Jay “Sinatraa” Won. A day after the claims popped off, the professional player shared his first statement regarding the situation. In the meantime, the Overwatch League has announced the removal of The Overwatch League Championship and MVP badges.

On March 9, Sinatraa’s ex-girlfriend Cleo Hernandez published a nine page document which claims she was sexually and emotionally assaulted by Sinatraa throughout her relationship with him. You can find the content of the document here.

While everyone in the community awaited statements from Sinatraa, Sentinels and Riot Games, Riot Games was the first to declare a decision a day after the news broke. A few minutes later, Riot Games’ revealed Sinatraa’s suspension during the investigation, Sentinels also announced that they had suspended the player as well.

Since Sinatraa is an ex-Overwatch player who won an MVP award in Overwatch League, the organization published another declaration in later hours. “The Overwatch League is aware of allegations made against former player Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won,” they said. “We take any allegations of this nature seriously and unequivocally support victims of abuse.” As a result, the league said they’re offering a refund of 200 league tokens for the Alien Overwatch League MVP skin. Besides Overwatch League Championship and MVP badges, the Alien skin will also be removed in a future patch.

Sinatraa’s statement came latest. The player shared a twitlonger through Twitter with the title, “Update.”“It is clear from Cleo’s recent post that she recalls our relationship differently than I do,” he said. “What we do agree on is that it was unhealthy for the both of us. I apologize to Cleo and regret how things ended, but I never assaulted her in any way. I am fully cooperating with the investigations and providing the full audio and video clips Cleo referenced in her post.”

Even though his tiny explanation for such an event has been seen as insufficient by many, Sinatraa has not yet made any additional posts.

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