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Should fist fights be removed from Warzone’s gulag?

There is nothing worse than getting killed in Warzone except getting killed in Warzone and going to the gulag only to find out your fight’s going to be fists only. I can literally not explain to you all how stupid I think fists-only gulag matches are. There is no skill involved. The only thing to decide who wins and loses is whichever player hits the first punch.

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Courtesy of Activision

This would not necessarily be the worst thing if the punches were represented fairly. There are a ton of times where it seems like I should have gotten off the first punch, but the game lags or glitches and I end up dying.

I can not believe I am about to say this, but I would rather fight in the gulag with a sniper than just my fists. This is saying something for me, because I am really terrible at using snipers. I would rather have at least a chance to beat an opponent with my actual skill with a sniper than lose in a totally random fist fight match.

It seems like I am not the only person who thinks this way. User “Jibbedy” explains in a reddit post his hatred for the fist fight gulag matches. His main issue was the lunge effect, where once you are in a fist fight battle with a player, there is no way to retreat or regroup until the fight is over.

Lucky for players, the gulag weapon loadouts switch up every week so players only have to deal with the mess that is fists once a month. Along with this, rumors of an entirely new Warzone map coming in the near future make us question if there will even be a gulag in the next couple months.

So, what do you all think? Am I just overreacting to the fists only gulag fights, or should they actually be taken out of the game’s rotation?All I know is that if I get into one more gulag match where I get beaten to death out of nowhere, I am going to lose it.

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