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Sentinels Tops FaZe Clan in Valorant NA Masters Upper Bracket Final

After breezing through the first two rounds of Valorant Masters against Team Envy and XSET, FaZe Clan looked to continue to “smeag”  its next opponent, Sentinels, on March 19. 

Sentinels over FaZe Masters 1 1
Courtesy of Valorant Champions Tour NA

However, FaZe was in for a rude awakening as Sentinels had steamrolled its last two opponents as well: 100 Thieves and Luminosity. Here’s what happens when an unstoppable force in FaZe meets an immovable object in Sentinels. 


Playing on Icebox, a map in which FaZe had been undefeated thus far, it was Sentinels which took command of the game early, winning five straight rounds to start the game. It wouldn’t stop there as Sentinels eventually took an 8-0 advantage, often capitalizing on FaZe’s discombulation. 

In an attempt to turn things around somewhat, FaZe tried to damage Sentinels’ economy and tried to slow the pace down. Slowing the game down worked relatively well for FaZe as it was able to take the next two rounds. 

At one point, FaZe was able to cut the round deficit to seven, 12-5. But in round 18, Sentinels decided that enough was enough and eventually overpowered FaZe until only Andrej “Babybay” Francisty remained. Although he tried, Babybay could not defeat the three remaining enemies, and with that, Sentinels handedly won 13-5. Though he recently retired from competitive gaming, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo led the way for Sentinels with 21 kills. 


Hoping to even up the series on Haven, FaZe tried to keep the first few rounds close. Both sides often switched play styles, from slowly and methodically to fast-paced and rushing to get the advantage. 

That said, Sentinels wisened up to FaZes’ tactics and began forcing FaZe to play and adapt to Sentinels’ style. As a result, Sentinels took four straight rounds to make it 7-4. From there, both sides traded kills and round wins as it looked like FaZe was just uncomfortable throughout. 

To its credit, FaZe was able to cut the deficit to four, 12-8 after a quasi-pistol round on round 20 after planting the spike at A. Feeling that FaZe was slowly gaining momentum, Hunter “SicK” Mims took it upon himself to end any hope of a comeback. By the end of the game, SicK had 22 kills.

In all, this wasn’t the showing that FaZe Clan wanted to put on as it now awaits the loser of the Gen.G and Luminosity matchup. For Sentinels, it continues its dominance as it sits in the Grand Final, waiting for the winner from the aforementioned matchup. 

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