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Sentinels Sweeps Aside FaZe Clan to Win NA Valorant Masters Championship

Any doubts of Sentinels being North America’s greatest team have been washed away as the squad swept FaZe Clan 3-0 in the Grand Finals to win the Valorant Masters Championship. Armed with replacement player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, Sentinels dominated its way through the entire tournament, and the Grand Finals were no different. 

Sentinels over FaZe Champ 2
Courtesy of Sentinels

Having just been swept by Sentinels 2-0 two days prior, all eyes were on FaZe Clan coming into the day. Sentinels had FaZe’s number on Friday, and not much was shown from FaZe Clan in response. 

But would FaZe be able to make the necessary adaptations heading into the Grand Final rematch? While FaZe did put up a fight on Ascent and Bind off some strong individual performances, Sentinels shut down FaZe on Haven, ending the series with a statement. 

Best Team in North America 

Sentinels over FaZe Champ 3 1
Courtesy of Valorant Champions Tour NA

“We’re all better individually than them, and we’re all better as a team.” Those were the words of Jared “zombs” Gitlin in the post-match press conference after breezing by FaZe Clan in the Championship.

No one can doubt Sentinels anymore, this is the greatest Valorant team in North America. TenZ slotted in beautifully as a replacement for Jay “sinatraa” Won; his aggressive, frag-heavy playstyle is a perfect and natural fit in the Sentinels roster. 

“I don’t feel obligated to make superstar plays and try to be a hero every round,” TenZ said at the press conference. “I kind of did that, sometimes, on C9. On this squad, I can trust everyone to play their roles perfectly and hold their own.” 

Hunter “SicK” Mims, who had incredible performances on Phoenix and Raze, attributed the team’s success to its fluidness and adaptability. “I think it just comes down to the way we adapt to how they were aggressing. I think some teams come in with a really set game plan… but normally, we just sit in our spawn, and wait for them to push us… and they just run into our crosshairs. Our game plan coming into the game wasn’t so strict.” 

The New FaZe

Sentinels over FaZe Champ 4 1
Courtesy of FaZe Clan

“Sentinels have a good read on us, and they’re really good at countering teams they play against,” Andrej “babybay” Francisty told the press. Babybay noted that FaZe only recently brought in head coach Thomas “Trippy” Schappy, and the team didn’t have much time to practice. 

But in that small amount of time, the FaZe roster had been unlocked. The players play with utility coordination, which just wasn’t there in tournaments prior. While FaZe always had the superstar potential, it’s only now that FaZe is finally beginning to actualize that potential, and this is only the beginning. 

“I need to do more preparation for my team,” Trippy said. “As far as the team as a whole, getting more strategic. We need a couple more looks, and that’s okay. Like [babybay] said, we didn’t have a lot of time, so we’ll figure it out. I’m happy how far we got, and I’m proud of everyone. From here on out, it’s gonna be a positive outlook.” 

The FaZe-Sentinels Rivalry

Sentinels over FaZe Champ 1 1
Courtesy of Valorant Champions Tour NA

“I want to beat them so f******  bad,” said FaZe superstar Corey “Corey” Nigra of the Masters champions.

“They’re the only team that’s actually beaten us consistently throughout every tournament that we’ve played,” babybay said.

Sentinels just seems to have a perfect read on FaZe and know exactly how to counter its rival’s aggressive style. Sentinels has the upper hand in every matchup, and FaZe just can’t figure out how to win against the champs. Emerging star player Zachary “ZachaREEE” Lombardo thinks this rivalry represents the premier competition in North America. 

“They’re definitively better than everybody, and we’re definitively better than everybody except for them,” ZachaREEE said. 

With the first Valorant Masters now behind us, players and teams will begin prep for the second stage of the Champions Tour, as they set their eyes on qualifying for the international Stage 2 Masters Tournament. Only two North American teams will have the opportunity to travel to Iceland, where the event is taking place. As the scene scrambles to begin the second stage of competition, it will be FaZe and Sentinels leading the charge toward Iceland.

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