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Sentinels Crush Immortals, Become the Champion of VCT’s Challenger 1

After an intensive period of qualifiers, Valorant Champions Tour North America Stage 1: Challenger 1 has found its champion. One of the favourites in the tournament, Sentinels, won the Challengers 1 by beating up Immortals in a best-of-five series.

Sentinels VCT C1 win 1
Photo courtesy of Sentinels

Winning the $20,000 prize, Sentinels also earned a spot in the Challengers 2’s main event alongside Immortals, Luminosity Gaming and XSET since they finished in the Challengers 1 top four. These teams will compete to qualify for the Masters between Feb. 18-21.

The Challengers 1’s main event hosted eight teams who got through from open qualifiers. Gen.G Esports, Luminosity Gaming, XSET, Andbox, Immortals, Team Envy, NRG and Sentinels fought each other to obtain a ticket for the Challenger 2. Having a double-elimination bracket, the tournament was played as best-of-threes, excluding the grand final which was a best-of-five.

Even though Sentinels were among the prominent teams of the event, they came face-to-face with getting eliminated after losing in the upper-bracket quarterfinals against Luminosity Gaming. However, the North America’s No.1 managed to comeback from there and beat every opponent to get the grand final.

Meanwhile, Immortals had an easier road than Sentinels as they didn’t lose in the upper bracket. Despite struggling from time to time, Immortals were able to overcome challenges thanks to their duelist player ShoT_UP.

Immortals started the grand final with a 1-0 advantage as the reward of being the upper-bracket team. If this was a best-of-three series, Sentinels’ job would be tough, but luckily the grand final was played as best-of-five.

Everyone thought the grand final would be close since both teams were at their peaks. However, Sentinels came to the series by activating their final boss form. They literally crushed Immortals with 13-3, 13-8 and 13-4, and didn’t allow their opponent to take a single map. Beside being the MVP of the tournament, sinatraa was monstrous with 290 average combat score in the final.

After this result, Sentinels, Immortals, Luminosity Gaming and XSET are awaiting their rivals in the Challengers 2’s main event. The top four teams of the Challengers 2 will qualify for the Masters, which is the next round of Valorant Champions Tour.

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